You’re the ultimate hostess taking care of everyone else this holiday season, don’t forget to take time for yourself.

Treat your host or someone you know that needs some self care.

1 candle + 1 face roller

Our 100% soy candles have a delicate, healing aroma that combines with the resonance of the full-size gemstone nestled inside. Experience clarity, calm, and peace as you inhale the scents and bask in the warm vibes of the gems. Complete the perfect holiday gift with a gemstone face roller that melts your wrinkles and bad energy away.

We know you know someone that deserves some personal time, even if it's you!

Build a personalized self-care kit

STEP 1 : Select your gemstone candle

STEP 2 : Select your gemstone face roller

STEP 3 : Receive your $17 discount during checkout!