Cancer Season 2020: A Time for Personal Revelations

After the whirlwind of energy from the Gemini season, it’s now time for Cancer season to take rein and help you look inwards to find what ignites your dreams, visions, and passions. It’s also a time to connect with our family. Cancer is the most nurturing sign in the zodiac, connected with family and the home. After this wave of uncertainty, we could use this time to reflect and tune into our emotions, and come up with ways to care and love one another. We are all human and were brought onto this earth to connect, feel, and love.

Start off the summer season the right way, with Home of Chiji’s Pure Love Gemstone Candle, made with rose quartz and clear quartz, which can amplify your ability to empathize with others. After a season filled with shared energy and interconnectedness, now is a great time to decompress and feel joy and compassion within ourselves. Take some time with your candle and your rose quartz crystal to meditate on how you can better love your neighbor and yourself.

Planetary Influences on Cancer in 2020

The ruling planet of Cancer is the moon. The moon represents your true self, your unconscious self. Cancers, known for their constantly changing emotions, are also able to feel the tides of feelings of other people, as the moon gifts them the ability of extreme conscientiousness. Though there’s not enough time to make everyone’s dream come true, the world could certainly use the empathy of Cancer signs during this period, as we exit this tumultuous time together.

June 20: Summer Solstice

The summer solstice signifies the longest day of the year, which makes it the perfect time to try to manifest your wants and needs for the next season. This is the time for intentions to take place. Take some personal inventory and reflect on how you can be true to yourself this season. 

June 20: New Moon in Cancer

A new moon, a summer solstice, and a solar eclipse — oh my! There is a lot happening as the sun moves into Cancer season. This is a time for new beginnings! Set aside some time to journal and reflect on the last year, and set your intentions for your next phase in life. The sun and the moon are aligned, and there’s no better time to embrace change than now.

June 22: Neptune Retrogrades in Pisces

Neptune is the planet of dreams and intuition, and during retrograde, you may begin to lose sight of reality. To help you balance logic and reason with your dreams and aspirations, add an Opal Face Roller to your daily skin care routine. This face roller is made with opalite, a crystal known to open your third-eye chakra, the chakra of insight and vision. For Cancers who act on their emotions, it’s imperative to stay patient. Avoid acting hastily before making any solid decisions.

July 5: Full Moon in Capricorn

The tides are stronger now — this is the time for Cancers to work hard on themselves and celebrate their growth thus far. Feel confident in yourself and what you want to achieve in life, and your hard work will take root and blossom.

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancers are known for wearing their heart on their sleeves. They have the ability to experience a range of emotions, which can make them seem “crabby,” but this also allows them to easily empathize with everyone. Cancers prefer deep, intimate connections with a few people, over shallow interactions with large groups of people. They are sensitive, protective, intuitive, and caring.

The Perfect Crystal Pairing for a Cancer

Opalite and Citrine. Opalite is the stone for balance, empowerment and communication. Using opalite in your daily life will empower you to connect to the deeper part of yourself, to help you see what triggers your deepest, emotional responses. Meanwhile, the citrine crystal will help your self-esteem, as it brings an abundance of confidence and reassurance in yourself. Whenever you lack the confidence in yourself, light up an Abundance Crystal Energy Candle, made with citrine, green jade, and clear quartz, to remind yourself that you are as strong as you say you are. Stay firm, like your crab sign, with a rock-hard shell and claws raised up in the air. No tide can take you or break you.

Home of Chiji’s crystal energy products were designed to help you heal and cleanse your surroundings, so you can discover a renewed version of yourself, everyday. As we exit a time of intense socialising and frenetic planning, we enter into a simpler way of living life, enjoying a hot cup of tea and a few energy candles at night. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions run free, as the joy within you will touch the hearts of those around you.