Crystals for Protection: Find Your Strength

In this life, there are many things we need protection from, both physical and spiritual. We go through our day to day lives trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible, putting on seat belts when we travel, locking our doors before bed, etc. If you could do something to help up that safety level you would, wouldn’t you? That’s why we’re here… to talk about crystals and how they can be used for protection.

All of us can use a little extra something watching out for us, right?

How Do Crystals Work For Protection?

Crystals are amazingly powerful little stones. Not only are they beautiful, they can also help with a variety of both physical and spiritual ailments and afflictions. But how?

There are a few different schools of thought on how exactly they can do that. 

Many people believe that they actually have the ability to soak up the energies around it, for better or for worse. This means that they can take the brunt of any negative energies being leveled at the user, like a tiny shield soaking up all of the bad vibes. Toxic people and those you mean you harm often shoot out negativity like an almost physical force. Think of it like psychic arrows meant to wound you. Crystals catch those arrows before they hit their target.

Other people believe that, while beautiful, the power of crystals really comes from the power of positive thinking. It’s the energy that you put into it and your positivity about how well they work that really make the difference. 

Positivity can help us feel better, both physically and spiritually, and has also been proven to help increase the immune system! If a crystal can elicit all that, isn’t it worth a try?

No matter how they actually work, crystals have the ability to make you feel safer. Think of crystals as your shield from all the harm out there in the world, whether you can see it or not. There is negativity everywhere, and that negativity is often attracted to the positivity around it. 

Crystals For Protection

Each crystal has its own special ways of keeping us feeling safe and sound. While it would be impossible to list all of them and how they can help, here are a few of our favorites and what they are best at:

One of the best stones for spiritual protection is black tourmaline. It is great not only at repelling negativity of all types, but at turning that energy into positivity. It essentially works like a spiritual force field, surrounding you and stopping all of those bad vibes from reaching you. If you’re the type of person who can feel the emotions of the people around you, black tourmaline is likely the right stone for you to carry. It’s also well known for helping to protect the home. It’s only downfall is that it is best at repelling unconscious negativity. It doesn’t seem to work quite as well if that negativity is being leveled at you on purpose. 

Similarly, black obsidian is another great spiritually protective stone. It is also well-known for its healing prowess, making it doubly powerful for any user. It is also excellent at helping empaths to be able to shield themselves from the constant onslaught of emotions that are being thrown at them. Black obsidian is a very powerful stone, and is great for not only stopping but banishing negative thoughts and energy (even if they are coming from you).

Amethyst is one of those stones that really is a jack of all trades. It is useful for so many different things, but one of its oldest known uses was for help with protection from thieves while traveling. If you’re going somewhere and you’re worried about your personal property, consider slipping an amethyst into your bag.

Smoky quartz is also a great protective crystal. It helps to repel negativity by meeting it with protective energy before it can reach you or your home. In addition, it is a great grounding stone for when you’re feeling personally out of balance. Having a grounded, aligned aura and energy will help you be better able to ward off any psychic attacks that may be coming your way.

Ways To Use Crystals for Protection

Now that you know a little more about which crystals are best for protection, both physical and spiritual, let’s talk a little about ways in which you can use them.

Candles and crystals have gone together for centuries. Combining the two for protection is doubly effective. 

Our Protection Energy Candle®, which combines three crystals known for their usefulness when it comes to protection, is a great example of that. 

Burning a candle in any space you may feel less than safe in can make you feel better, and bringing black obsidian, amethyst, and tiger’s eye into the mix amps that feeling up significantly. With scents to help you relax like lavender, eucalyptus, and bergamot, you might just want to take some time to recenter yourself in a nice, protective bath.

If it is your home that you’re looking to protect, consider using clear quartz. You’ll need four of them, about the same size. After cleansing them, imbue them with your feelings and needs for protection. Then, place them at the north, east, south, and west points of your home with their facets (or pointy edges) facing up. This will help form a psychic force field around your home and help keep you safe from anyone seeking to do you or your family harm. 

Many people also choose to wear their protection crystal on them so that they can feel safe, no matter where they are. There are even some places that have necklaces made to fit crystals neatly inside, so that you will never lose that sense of security. Plus, they make great fashion accessories! Similarly, you can use these necklaces to hang crystals in your car if you want protection while driving.

Some crystals, like smokey quartz, black tourmaline, fluorite, and lepidolite, also have the ability to protect users from many of the electromagnetic waves that are thrown at us from our many technological devices on a regular basis. Placing one or a few by any computer you’re regularly working at (at work or in the home) can help absorb some of those waves and help keep you just a little safer from that constant onslaught.

Other Ways To Find Your Strength

Crystals can definitely help us feel more safe, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only way to do that. If you’re in need of protection, especially from spiritual or mental attacks, they are only one piece of the puzzle.

Start by figuring out who you believe means you harm. All of that negative energy has to come from somewhere and the best way to help is to find that out. You may be feeling it coming from a partner or loved one. Or it could be a coworker who was passed over by a promotion that you just got. In most cases, simply sitting down and talking with that person can clear the air and help both of you move past whatever may have happened. While it can be scary to have difficult conversations like that, they help you find your own strength more and more every time you have them.

Another great way to find your strength is by signing up for a self defense class. Most cities offer them either free of charge or at a low cost, especially for women. Even if you’ve never felt physically in danger, knowing what to do if that happens not only helps you be better prepared, it also helps you be mentally strong. The goal of self defense classes are to hope you never need them, but to be ready in the event that something occurs. You’ll likely leave the class feeling stronger than you have in a long time, both physically and mentally.

And finally, make sure to always take time for yourself. Whether that is going for a solo run, cuddling up under a giant plush blanket and watching trashy television, or hanging out with your dog, alone time is an essential part of finding and developing your strength. Many people don’t know how to be alone, and only feel safe when they are around other people. It’s important to know who you are by yourself, so that you can stand on your own two feet without anyone else to hold you up. 


We all need protection from time to time. Especially when it comes to protection from all of the negativity in the world, crystals have the ability to help you find your strength. They’re easy to work with and take with you out into the world, while still being strong enough to help you fight off a world that is often so ready to take you down. Hang in there!