Facial Rollers: Do They Really Work?

In the neverending quest for new ways to practice self-care, people often feel like they’re being bombarded with products and suggestions for self improvement. Many of these products are expensive and seem like they’re mostly just hype. 

Instead of investing in things that may or may not work, especially now when we’re all trying to be as smart with our money as possible, it makes sense to stick with products that have proven benefits. 

We believe in self love and good vibes only, which is why we only choose to make products that we personally use and believe in, like our facial rollers. But do they really work?

A Quick Overview of The Skin

Before we can talk about how facial rollers really work, we first need a quick overview of how our skin functions.

The skin on our face is just like the skin on the rest of our body. Our skin is the largest organ that we have, and is critical to our survival. It protects us from the elements, regulates our temperature, and is the part of the body that helps us feel all of the different sensations of life (pain, heat, cold, touch, etc).

There are three different layers to the skin, not only on the face, but on our whole body.

The Epidermis

This is the skin that we can see, our most outside layer. It is waterproof and provides the most protection. The epidermis also contains special cells called “melanocytes,” which create the unique color of our skin. That means the more active someone’s melanocytes are, the darker their skin will be. These cells are crucial to stopping UV radiation from penetrating into the body as well, and also help determine our hair color. They’re very powerful, tiny little things!

The Dermis

The dermis is the “middle” layer of our skin, located just under the epidermis. This layer of the skin is made up of connective tissue, sweat glands, and hair follicles. While it’s not on the very outside of our body the way the epidermis is, the dermis is probably our most important layer of skin. Even though they may be annoying, the reason the dermis houses our sweat glands is to regulate our body temperature. Without them, we would likely not live very long!

The Hypodermis

More commonly known as the subcutaneous, the hypodermis is our deepest layer of skin, under both the epidermis and the dermis. It is made up of both fat and connective tissue, and is the layer that connects our skin to the rest of our body. It also insulates us from both heat and cold.

All three layers work together to create the beautiful piece of art that is your body! The skin is the part about you that most people see first, which is why self care focused directly on the skin (and the face in particular) is so popular.

What Exactly is a Facial Roller?

Now that we have a better appreciation for how amazing our skin is and all that it does for us, let’s dig into one of the main ways people are choosing to take care of it… the facial roller!

Facial rollers, simply put, are a handheld tool used specifically on the face. They are made up of two stones, one larger and one smaller, which are connected with a wand often made of the same material. 

Facial rollers come with a variety of different stone options with their own specific benefits -- jade for cooling and relaxation,and rose quartz for love and self confidence being the two most popular.

These stones are meant to be rolled over the skin on the face and are said to have a large variety of potential benefits. But are those benefits all just hype?

What People Are Saying About Facial Rollers

Pretty much any product for self care that you find online is subject to a lot of talk, both positive and negative. You can often find people who claim that it is a “miracle” product, claiming a ton of benefits that haven’t actually been proven. That can make it difficult to really sort out the fact from the fiction, and cause some people to just give up entirely. 

Don’t dismay! We’re here to help. Here are just a few of the benefits people say facial rollers provide, and whether or not they have any proof behind those claims.

Facial Rollers Can Make Your Face More Firm and Radiant

Yes and no! What facial rollers actually do is help your skin to appear more supple and bright by promoting healthy blood flow to the face. This is also why people say facial rollers make the skin more radiant.

Facial Rollers Decrease Puffiness

This one is absolutely true! Using a facial roller can reduce the appearance of puffiness. For added benefits, put it in the fridge for a while before using it.

Facial Rollers Make The Face Skinnier

We wish this one were true, but unfortunately not. While facial rollers help brighten complexion and promote youthful looking skin, the skin may appear skinnier temporarily, but they do not actually make the face any thinner. That can only be achieved through a healthy diet and exercise (both of which are great self care, by the way!).

What Else Are Facial Rollers Good For?

In addition to the physical benefits of facial rollers, they are also great for self care and mental health! There’s real science behind it!

Taking time out for self care, no matter what you choose to do, is always good for you. Not only does it help reduce stress and anxiety, it also just reminds you that you are a person worthy of love. Building positive self esteem is never a bad thing.

Facial rollers, and facial massage in general, can also help reduce your stress levels as part of a self-care routine. 

Facial rollers are pretty powerful tools, right? That’s why we love them so much. They pack so many benefits into such a tiny, inexpensive package.

How To Use a Facial Roller

Now that you’re convinced how amazing facial rollers are, how the heck do you use one? They’re actually very simple if you follow a few tips.

Make Sure To Use A Serum or Essential Oil

You’ll want to always use your facial roller with some kind of serum or essential oil. If you try to use it “dry,” it can pull on your face and cause irritation!

Start At The Neck

Always start at your neck and roll up and down instead of back and forth. This helps with the soothing effects of rolling. 

Use Medium Pressure

Don’t ever use firm pressure when using your facial roller, you can actually do more damage to the skin (plus it really doesn’t feel good).

Know Which End is Which

Most facial rollers, ours included, come with two sizes of stones. The larger stone is best for larger areas of the face, like the forehead and cheeks, while the smaller stone provides more targeted benefits for the under-eye and alongside the nose. You won’t hurt yourself if you use them on the “wrong” area, but the benefits are definitely greater if you use them on the “right” area!

It’s Ok To Use Daily!

In fact, some people find that daily use of a facial roller actually provides the most benefits! They are safe to use daily, but it’s ok if you only use them for self care every once in a while. You’ll definitely still get the benefits.

To Wrap Up…

So, do facial rollers really work? Absolutely! 

Not only do they help bring out your best, most radiant skin physically, they have also been proven by science to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, they’re a great way for you to take time out of your busy schedule and take care of yourself. Self care is one of the best things you can do for yourself, just like eating well and exercising. 

Facial rollers can give you just that -- a break from your hectic life and that absolutely essential “me time” you’ve likely been missing out on!