Gemini Season 2020: Turning Your Energy Outward

After the calm, groundedness of Taurus season, Gemini season will arrive with a sharper, more diffuse energy, offering you the chance to turn your energy outward again, toward the social world. Social distancing has made the start of 2020 a hard year, but we can be sure that Gemini season is a time for fresh air, light, ideas, and new conversations.

The start of summer can bring a cheery energy upon us all, and Gemini season has an especially lively and airy energy. When the sun enters Gemini, Home of Chiji recommends meditating with a Protection Candle - Made With Amethyst to ground your wispy and benevolent spirit.

The Mythology of the Gemini Constellation

The Gemini is symbolized by twins, representing the twins Castor and Polydeuces. They are the sons of Leda, the Queen of Sparta. Castor’s father was Tyndareus, the king of Sparta, while Polydeuces was the son of Zeus, who seduced Leda by disguising himself as a swan. These half-brothers were inseparable, even though one was mortal and was a demi-god. They took part in several adventures and were often referred to as twin brothers.

One day, Castor was murdered and his soul was sent down into the underworld because he was a mortal being. Struck with grief, Polydeuces begged Zeus to turn Castor immortal. Zeus took compassion on the two brothers, knowing their bond, and gave Polydeuces the choice to split his immortality with his brother Castor. Polydeuces agreed to share life and death with his brother, so Zeus placed the twins side-by-side in the heavens, so they could alternate their time together between Hades and Olympus.

This myth reminds us of the sincerity of a brotherly love, and that friendship can often be as binding as a familial relationship. Those born in the Gemini season are great at forming close ties with many others, which is why they’re often seen as the socialites of the Zodiac signs.

Planetary Influences on Gemini in 2020

The ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury, the planet of communication and connection. On May 28, when Mercury enters Cancer, a sign of feelings, you will feel the need to connect and engage with others on a deeper, emotional level. The mind and the heart grow closer during this transit, and the restless Gemini can benefit from becoming more intimate with themselves and with others. Clearing your chakras with a Green Jade Face Roller can benefit your overall health, mentally, emotionally, and physically, as you depuff your face and clean out any blockages within your body. This will allow you to connect deeper with others, without any inhibitions.

On June 5, we will experience the penumbral lunar eclipse! During this time, we shift perspectives and see people in a new light. This is the time to say goodbye and let go of old relationships, and work on improving new relationships.

Mercury will retrograde for a second time this year, starting on June 18. It’s imperative that you pay attention to any issues in communication in your relationships. Fire up an Abundance Crystal Energy Candle, made with citrine and green jade to bring forth an abundance of positive energy for you and your friends, and clarify any negative intentions around you.

Gemini Personality Traits

Geminis are known for being social, whimsical, and indecisive. They are passionate yet easy-going individuals who enjoy engaging and intellectually stimulating conversations with others. Because they are an Air sign, Geminis are known to constantly change their minds, going back and forth on decisions, often impulsively. The only certain thing about Geminis is that they’ll never bore you. They are the life of the party, whether outgoing or not.

The Perfect Crystal Pairing for a Gemini

Green Jade and Tiger’s Eye. The green jade crystal brings clarity, abundance, and prosperity, helping a Gemini make clear decisions. A tiger’s eye gem will help a Gemini eliminate any indecisiveness. When a Gemini uses a Tiger’s Eye Stone Roller, they will instantly feel a surge of power and strength from within. As the Gemini season turns our energy outwards, it’s important to recharge all aspects of our inner-self at this time.

Home of Chiji has a number of crystal energy products to help you take care of yourself, your family, and your friends. Though you are already bright, social, and curious, you will need to hold these precious stones close to your heart to slow down your fast-paced energy, and direct your focus on communicating the right way. Home of Chiji has the ideal energy crystal products you need, to help you navigate this transitional phase — browse our collections today!