Can Both Facial Rollers Deliver Results?

After you’ve decided to purchase a face roller, your next decision will be what stone you’d like to choose to help amplify its benefits. With so many different stones on the market, it’s likely to be a difficult choice to make. How can you possibly choose? 

To help you out, the staff at CHIJI has broken down two of the most popular choices out there: jade and rose quartz. How do they differ, and what is the best choice for your needs? 

Why You Should Purchase A Facial Roller

Face rollers may sound like a new trend, but they can actually be traced all the way back to ancient China. Many of the original facial rollers were made out of jade, because it was (and, in some areas, remains) an important part of Chinese culture in that the stone has protective qualities and signifies overall wellness and durability. 

The ancient tradition remains popular today, providing people with a more holistic way to take care of themselves. Skin care, and the physical appearance, can play very directly into the way that people feel about themselves (even if we know that it shouldn’t be that important). 

When we like how we look, and we feel confident with our outward appearance, we present ourselves to the world in a completely different way. 

The best way to describe a facial roller is to picture it like a tiny rolling pin for your face (and sometimes body). Instead of the middle part moving and the handles being stationary, with a facial roller the ends are the parts that are able to move around. 

There are two stones on every facial roller: a larger stone on one end that is used for areas of your face with more room to move (like your cheeks and neck), and a smaller stone on the other for smaller, more delicate areas (like your under eyes).

There are many reported benefits of facial rollers, as well, which can make it fairly difficult to sort out the fact from the fiction. 

Here are just a few, some of which that have been the subject of actual, scientific research:

  • Can increase the circulation and vasodilation (the widening of the blood vessels) in areas that it is used on, both for the short term and for the long term. This can help the skin appear to be more radiant and firm.
  • Works as a tool to help encourage lymphatic drainage, which can decrease fluid buildup and puffiness (especially in the morning).
  • Helps to more evenly distribute skin care products like facial serums and moisturizers across the skin on the face. It has also been said to help those products penetrate even deeper into the pores.
  • Promotes an anti-aging effect on the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • May be able to help improve your mood, as you take time out for yourself and focus on your own self care. 

The stone that you choose for your facial roller can make a difference in the types of benefits that you are likely to see. 

While most stones are fairly similar in terms of the way they work physically, which is where most of the benefits come from, they are different on a spiritual and healing level.

Jade Facial Rollers

Jade remains one of the most popular stones for facial rollers, due to its long, multicultural history.  On a spiritual and healing level, jade is said to be a powerful balancing stone. It is said to calm the user, strengthening their life force (sometimes known as “Chi”) so that they feel more able to handle whatever life throws their way. 

This naturally transfers over into how it can be used as part of a facial roller. Because of jade’s calming properties, it can help reduce irritation and soothe the skin more than any other stone out there. Because so many facial issues are due to the weakening and breakdown of the skin, which happens as a natural side effect of aging, helping to promote healthy skin can help significantly slow down that process. 

Jade is also more adaptive to the temperature that it comes into contact with. It warms and cools much more easily than other stones, which means it is a more comfortable stone for those who have more sensitive skin. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used right out of the refrigerator or freezer. Using your facial roller in this way can help tighten the skin, decrease pore size, and make the skin look younger and more taught.

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

Rose quartz is another powerful stone that is a great addition to any facial roller. Rose quartz is recognizable for its light pink hue, which sets it apart from other crystals out there. 

When used for healing, rose quartz helps soothe both the body and the mind, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It can also help to encourage self love, which is a major part of why we encourage and support the idea of self care so much.

When it comes to its benefits when used as part of a facial roller, the advantages are similar to when the stone is used for healing. 

In addition, rose quartz tends to hold onto its temperature for a longer period of time than many other stones, both hot and cold. This makes rose quartz especially great for people who have extra puffiness or tend to have reactive skin. Just toss your rose quartz facial roller in the freezer or refrigerator and enjoy the feeling of the cool stones on your face. 

Rose quartz also tends to be a little hardier of a stone than many of the others, and because of how tough the stone is, tend to last longer as well. 

Finally, while there isn’t a lot of research exploring this specifically, rose quartz also is said to have an additional mineral composition of iron, magnesium, silicium, sodium, and oxygen that is passed on to the skin during the rolling process.  

How To Make the Best Use of Your Facial Roller

To get the most benefits out of your facial roller, there are a few standard practices that most experts and dermatologists recommend.

One of the most important practices is to make sure that you are always using your facial roller in a motion that moves toward your lymph nodes. This promotes the maximum amount of lymphatic drainage possible. 

When rolling across your face, “push” the lymph toward nodes located just behind your ears. Lymphatic drainage is one of the major ways that you can help reduce puffiness and swelling in your face, but helping the fluid naturally present all across your body be able to stop pooling.

When using your facial roller, make sure that you’re doing it on clean, dry skin. Many people also like to use a toner too, to help remove any last traces of dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells. 

Once your skin is clean, prepped, and ready to go, apply a facial serum. This not only helps the facial roller glide more easily across the skin (pulling or tugging can promote wrinkles instead of helping to prevent them), it also helps your skin care reach deeper into your skin. 

You can also use your facial roller to help reduce your feelings of stress. Many people tend to hold tension in their jaws, especially those who grind their teeth in their sleep. When you use the larger end of the facial roller on your jaw, it can help work out the tension and tightness in the same way that a good massage can help release stress in your back and shoulders.

And finally, you’ll also want to make sure that you clean your facial roller on a regular basis. Once you’re finished your facial rolling routine, use a washcloth or paper towel to clean off any excess facial serum before it is allowed to dry. You can then wash your roller with gentle facial soap and lukewarm water before allowing it to air dry. 

Don’t soak your roller (the metal parts can rust), and don’t use hot water. This helps stop the spread of bacteria across your face, which can also help reduce the risk of worsening acne.

In Summary…

Facial rollers are the perfect tool to help you practice more regular self care. 

Whether you choose jade, rose quartz, or any one of the other stones that are commonly used for facial rollers, we hope you choose CHIJI for all of your self care needs. We want to help you be able to focus more on yourself, so that you can feel calmer and more ready to take on the world.