Leo Season 2020: Leveling Up and Living Out Loud

As we exit the dreamy Cancer season, we enter into the Leo season, where everyone can feel the energy of this prevailing zodiac sign. Leo is a fixed fire sign, meaning this season you’ll be feeling bold and proud! At the start of the summer, you’ve reconnected with your friends and your loved ones and put all your energy and focus on them. Leo season is about focusing on yourself and leveling up.

Level up every aspect of yourself. Don’t just focus on external appearances and how you look “on stage” — remember to spend just as much time primping your inner-self. Infuse your intentions with love with Home of Chiji’s Clear Quartz Face Roller. This is a season of self-expression, and incorporating clear quartz, an amplifying crystal, to your daily routine will help you shine above the rest.

Planetary Influences on Leo in 2020

The ruling planet of Leo is the sun. The sun represents the Self and the higher soul purpose. The sun grants Leos great energy, and imbibes a fierce brilliance that helps Leos shine. The magnanimity of the sun helps Leos draw attention from others, giving Leos the ability to shed warmth, light, and life to those around them.

August 3: Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is known to be Leo’s celestial opposite, and as the full moon enters the Aquarius sign, things can get combative for Leos. But Leos should remember that this season is the time to focus on improving themselves; they will benefit from letting go of their egos and sharing the spotlight with others at this time.

August 15: Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The Uranus transit of Taurus will move you to innovate and come up with new visions. Though there will be nervous energy, remember to stay true to yourself and stay brave in the face of adversity. Now is the time to be carefree, confident, and a little over the top. For an added boost of reassurance, use a Protection Crystal Energy Candle to ward off negative energy.

August 18: New Moon in Leo

As summer begins to wind down, focus on making conscious choices. Now that you’ve had your fun putting yourself out there, you should use this time to begin reining it back in, creating concrete plans to accomplish your next goal.

Leo Personality Traits

Leos are known for being bold and charismatic. They are the center of attention and are almost always excited and enthusiastic about everything. This is why they make great storytellers. Leos thrive when the stage is theirs, while they shy away from showing their vulnerability. They enjoy putting up a strong front, as they want others to perceive them as such which can often be seen as immature. Leos are fiercely loyal and will protect the people they love.

The Perfect Crystal Pairing for a Leo

Citrine and Tiger’s Eye. Cleanse your surroundings with a citrine stone. Citrine will bring an abundance of wealth, prosperity, friends, and anything you set your mind to, as you hold citrine close to your heart. Leos will also benefit from a Tiger’s Eye stone, as it will help build up their courage in themselves to stay brave and stand tall, even without an audience. Add a Tiger’s Eye Stone Roller to your daily routine to help you see the positives of any situation.

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