Wellness Regimes: Lymphatic Drainage at Home

lymphatic drainage

At Home of Chiji, we’re devoted to elevating our levels of self care—we’re a self care brand devoted to positivity. We know that when we take impeccable care of ourselves, relentlessly and regardless of where we are and how busy we are, our lives are better. It’s essential that we protect ourselves, cherish ourselves, and care for ourselves via gentle movement, meditation, clean diet, rest, practicing gratitude, making our spaces and lives beautiful, living in the moment, practicing deep breathing, spending time connecting with loved ones, taking ample time for ourselves, and so forth. We want to help you to elevate the ways in which you take care of yourself, so we’ll be recommending methods of doing so. 

Have you heard of lymphatic drainage? It’s a technique, developed in the 1930s, designed to stimulate the flow of lymph—fluid that our bodies create which transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body. It’s a massage technique that’s beloved by celebrities and influencers for its sculpting effects. 

The lymph system serves as a central part of our immune systems, so it’s thought that lymphatic drainage can help to treat a variety of health and vanity concerns.

Lymphatic drainage was designed to help with lymphedema, and is now used aid issues including arthritis, orthopedic injuries, knee or hip surgeries, systemic sclerosis, chronic venous insufficiency, swelling, fatigue, post-exercise recovery, acne, cellulite, and eczema. Essentially, it removes toxins from the body.

Today, lymphatic drainage massages are often performed at spas and by specialists—but you can also use the techniques on yourself, in your home. We all want and deserve to look and feel our best, always and forever—so consider incorporating these techniques into your wellness regime.

crystal face roller

If you had a bit too much salt, alcohol, etc. yesterday or simply want to make your complexion a bit less, well, puffy, try performing lymphatic massage on your face, gently, using a tool such as a face roller or Gua Sha and your favorite facial oil. You may be wondering, do face rollers really work? The answer is yes—they do! Our face rollers are made of stones including rose quartz, opal, tiger’s eye, and sodalite—so each has healing and beautifying properties that will enhance your beauty routine and life even more. We’ve selected some of the best stones for manifesting what you want more of in your life.

Our stone face rollers will help you to align your chakras and help you to achieve your brightest, healthiest-looking skin. Each stone has specific properties—Opal, for instance, is the empowerment stone! It helps to encourage open communication and enhance your modes of self-expression. Our Jade Face Rollers, as with the others, are effective for reducing swelling in the face and increasing circulation. Face Rollers are known to improve the overall appearance and feel of your skin, and the House of Chiji Face Rollers take this to the next level. We love the facial oil by Drunk Elephant—it’s gentle, beautifully scented, and pairs well with our stone face rollers.

Lymphatic drainage massage is excellent for your body, too. It’s relaxing and helps your body to rid itself of toxins that we inhale, etc. To begin, stand and press on the area just below your collarbones to get the drainage process started. Next, press your armpit three times with your right hand and your left armpit three times with your left hand, using gentle but firm upward strokes. Next, apply light pressure to your arms, working from elbow to shoulder.

To massage the stomach, press your palms flat down onto the area in between your hip bones and make circular movements around your belly button—an area often referred to as The Four Gates in Chinese herbal medicine. Next, pinch the entire stomach area for about one minute. To aid your digestion, you can massage your stomach gently, in circular motions, following the digestive tract.

To drain the lower half of the body, press at your groin three times, and then massage your legs, slowly, with the palms of your hands.

After performing this on yourself or receiving a lymphatic drainage massage at home, make sure to stay properly hydrated and try to avoid sugar, alcohol, gluten and sodium. Keep in mind that there’s no need to obsess over every gram of sodium, but reducing and eliminating these will help you to look and feel your best.

If you want to try a more simple routine, simply perform the stomach massage on yourself while you’re lying in bed. It will relax you, provide you with a time to connect with your body, and help your system to process the food that you ate during the day.

Take this process to the next level and romance yourself by burning a Crystal Energy Candle —a hidden crystal candle that aligns with your desires and intentions. The flames attract your desired energy and transport it into your home. And for the stomach massage portion, tuck under something soothing and warm, if you’re cold—like our plush, super-soft blankets. Tucking under a warm blanket is always super soothing—especially if you live alone, as the weight of the blanket provides a human touch-like comfort. We all need touch, so if you’re ever feeling super anxious, consider giving yourself a gentle massage or a hug.

If you try performing a lymphatic drainage massage on yourself, let us know what your experience is like! Join our Facebook community or write to us, via DM or a comment, on Instagram—it brings us such joy to hear from you, and we would love for you to join our inner circle.