Moon Phases, Their Meanings, and Channeling Their Energy

The moon is the closest astronomical body to us and thus has a powerful influence in our physical and spiritual lives. Its gravitational pull affects the tides of the earth’s ocean and seas, and thus we can only assume we, too, are caught in its grasp. As the moon waxes and wanes, the tides shift, as do our moods and aspirations. The phases of the moon carry different waves of energy, and when you understand how each phase can affect your life, you can begin to harness its energy and use it to your benefit.

Moon Phases and Their Meanings

Home of Chiji recommends using our Crystal Energy Candles™ and our crystal face rollers to channel the energy of the moon into your daily routine. The moon cycles through phases of inspiration, creative action, manifestation, and transformation, and crystals can help amplify the different energies in different aspects of your life, including your career, your relationships, and beyond. Read on to see what each phase means for you, and how you can use your Home of Chiji crystal energy products to harness the energy of the moon.

New Moon: New Beginnings

The new moon is the start of the lunar cycle. During this phase, the moon is centered between the sun and the earth, and therefore cannot be seen. The new moon is a time for new beginnings and setting your intentions for the month ahead.

This year, April 7 marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. As we walk deeper into this time of uncertainty, set your intentions on the positive things in life. Home of Chiji recommends meditating with our Positive Energy Candle to dispel any negative energy and start with a truly blank slate. The clear quartz in this candle will amplify the positive waves you set for this new cycle.



Waxing Crescent: Conceptualizing

The second phase of the moon is the waxing crescent. During this time, you’ll see a sliver of light from the moon on the right hand side. If we were to compare the cycle of the moon to the cycle of a flower, the waxing crescent is sprouting.

This is the perfect time to take action on any of your projects, goals, or aspirations. Meditate with a citrine crystal to bring forth an abundance of creativity. Our Abundance Candle is ideal for cleansing your surroundings and bringing forth prosperity, abundance, and fortune.

First Quarter: New Challenges

The first quarter signifies the halfway mark to the full moon. The right half of the moon is illuminated, and you should be able to see a clear half moon in the night sky.

The first quarter moon is best for standing your ground on your creative ideas. Take a stance for what you believe in, despite the challenges that may come your way. Concentrate on manifesting your dreams into reality and you will be rewarded. For an extra boost of concentration and focus, we recommend meditating with a fluorite stone, found in our Positive Energy Candle. Or add the tiger’s eye stone into your daily routine to help you stay grounded and resilient. Our Tiger’s Eye Stone Roller is here to help you find the courage to stand by your ideas.

Waxing Gibbous: Gestation

The waxing gibbous phase is the gestation period. This is where you begin to realize the fruit of your labor. More than half of the moon is illuminated, with just a sliver off the left-hand side, awaiting the next transition.

You must remain patient and committed to the waxing gibbous phase of the moon in order to nurture your ideas and goals. To help you amplify the waxing gibbous phase, use black obsidian to manifest your dreams. We recommend using Home of Chiji’s Protection Candle - Made with Amethyst. Black Obsidian is known for stimulating growth and protecting you from negativity, which will help you clear your mind and pay attention to what you really need to grow.

Full Moon: Blossoming

The full moon occurs when Earth is directly between the moon and the sun. It marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle. During this phase, the moon is at its peak energy. You’ll notice a heightened awareness of your feelings, visions, and inner thoughts.

This is the most powerful time of the month. All of your dreams, aspirations, and projects will come to fruition and you will reap the rewards of all the hard work you put in. This is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and be joyful in all that you’ve done. To amplify the seeds you’ve sown, meditate with a rose quartz crystal. Our Pure Love Gemstone Candle is made up of rose quartz, as a reminder to stay compassionate and joyful. Or use our Rose Quartz Gemstone Face Roller for a more practical application of merriment.


Waning Gibbous: Gratitude

During the waning gibbous, the moon will begin to develop a shadow on the right hand side of its face. This moon phase marks the end of the manifestation cycle. As the moon fades, you’ll notice a directional shift in your pathway.

This is a time to look inwards and reflect on the intentions and goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the lunar cycle. The best crystal to work with at this time is opalite as it will help you rebalance yourself. You must learn to let go of original intentions and release things you may want to hold on to.

Life is about receiving and releasing. Use our Opal Face Roller, made of opalite crystal, by gently rolling up and down your face. Picture the tides rolling in and out as you use your roller. As you roll up, think about the blessings you’ve received, and as you roll down your face, be grateful for that period in your life and release that positive energy back into the world.

Last Quarter: Transformation

During the last quarter moon phase, the moon’s left-half is illuminated, while the right-half is covered in a shadow. During this phase, the moon is at half-power and fading. Now is the ideal time to really let go of any lingering negative energy in your life. There’s no use holding onto the things, or the people, holding you back.

During this transitional phase, you may experience an overwhelming sense of emotions. You may break down. You may feel yourself fading away. All of those sentiments are to be expected as the moon begins to wane, but it is just as important to readjust your goals and forgive yourself and others during this time. When certain events go unexpected and dreams are not actualized, you must remind yourself that, sometimes, it has nothing to do with your actions or inactions.

Break out your amethyst crystals for a meditative healing session. An amethyst stone is known for its healing properties, and it can help clear out any negative thoughts still lingering in your headspace. Lighting both a Positive Energy Candle and a Protection Candle, made with amethyst, will be a great way to ease your mind and spirit and let go of any unwanted frustrations.

Waning Crescent: Surrender

The waning crescent is the last phase of the moon. During this phase, the illuminated part of the moon gets smaller and smaller, until the cycle meets its end, starting again with the new moon.

The waning crescent is meant to restore your thoughts and your intentions. This is the period to reflect on the past month, and adjust your goals for the new cycle ahead. Use sodalite crystal for a boost in insight and wisdom. When you add Home of Chiji’s Sodalite Healing Crystal Stones Face Roller into your daily facial care routine, you’ll open your brow chakra, helping you perceive new angles in your everyday life. Take inventory of your current state of mind, body, and soul, and get to know your inner self better. This will be your guide to setting intentions for the new lunar cycle.

When you understand the moon phases and their meanings, you will have a better idea on how to harness the moon’s energy to aid you in your physical and spiritual life. Use crystals to amplify the moon’s energy into your creative, professional, and personal space. Add Home of Chiji’s Crystal Energy Candles™ and crystal face rollers to your daily meditation routine to make the most of the lunar cycle. Browse our collections today!