What Is The Most Powerful Stone To Attract Money?

While money can’t buy happiness, it can definitely make life easier. When you have “enough” money, you can relax and enjoy life instead of having to constantly stress and worry. Doing real-world things like getting a better job and learning to budget are important tools, but can crystals also help? CHIJI asked that question, and we have all the answers that you need to put a plan into action to start attracting money and living your dreams.

A Quick Caveat

As we mentioned, crystals on their own can not make you wealthy. Where they can make a difference is by helping to manifest the energy that is needed to make your financial goals a reality. When you manifest something, it takes sustained attention and intention. You need to be single-minded and driven, putting the energy out that attracts whatever you’re looking for (money, love, a new job, etc.). 

Crystals are natural amplifiers, and can take the energy that you’re already putting out and multiply it. Just be ready to also put in the hard work.

Crystals For Abundance

We created a list of some of what we believe are the best crystals to use to help attract abundance into your life. When it comes to working with crystals, it is often a matter of opinion on which is the “best” or “most powerful.” It’s good to always follow your intuition and work with crystals that call to you. A stone that you are connected with is always going to be more powerful than one that you aren’t, and you may even find that there are some that didn’t make it onto our list that works great for you! 

Pyrite (Also Known As Fool’s Gold)

One of the crystals that can help you to attract money may surprise you. When you hear the term “fool’s gold,” you think of being a fool, right? The nickname actually came to be during the Gold Rush, when inexperienced prospectors often mistook it for real gold. However, pyrite (the official name for fool’s gold) is actually incredibly helpful at manifesting financial success.

It does that by helping you in a variety of different ways. First of all, it’s great for helping to strengthen your self-confidence so that you begging to really believe that you deserve all of those great things in life. It can also help to remind you that life is full of abundance and opportunities if you are only able to open your mind and look. With a clearer and more open mind, you’ll be able to take the steps that you need to create your own financial security. 

And finally, pyrite is known for being able to help increase creativity. Often, the hustle is an important part of attracting money. When you are more creative, the hustle gets much easier, and you may be able to think of ideas you may not have before!


Another powerful stone that is often used to attract money is citrine. Citrine is a form of quartz, one that is associated with the third chakra (known as the solar plexus chakra or manipura). This is an important chakra when it comes to developing wealth because it is the source of your self-confidence and personal power. 

Because of that, citrine is a great way to amplify your own personal power to manifest exactly what you need. You’ll be confident, self-assured, and feel more clear about what needs to be done to reach your goals. So much of life really comes down to believing that you can, and money is no different.

Clear Quartz

Is there anything that clear quartz can’t do? It is one of the most universal crystals out there because it exists as possibly the most “blank slate,” a pure amplifier of energy that can soak up any intention and make it stronger. 

Much like its clear color, clear quartz also helps to calm and clear the mind. Our minds are so frequently filled with clutter, bouncing from one thing to the next that it can be hard to really quiet it enough to sort through it and find what you need to thrive. When you use clear quartz, it helps you do just that. 

Green Jade

Green jade has been seen as powerful for thousands of years. The ancient relationship between humans and jade has focused on two main areas - wealth and beauty. 

It is thought to enhance both of these things because of its reputation for creating an overall sense of calm in the middle of the storm. It helps to sweep out negativity, leaving only positivity and the ability to be able to see things the way that they really are. 


Amazonite lives up to its amazing name by being known as the “stone of success and abundance.” Convinced yet? It attracts good fortune and creates good luck, and is commonly carried by people who gamble. 

In addition, amazonite can help to release blockages of all kinds - physical, mental, and spiritual. Without so many stumbling blocks to success, you’ll be able to move past what you thought were your limitations and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. 


Moonstone is one of the more beautiful stones out there, living up to its name. While it isn’t directly associated with wealth, it is one of the stones most directly related to creativity. It can take creativity to come up with solutions to help change your financial situation, and moonstone can help you find those solutions.

Grey Agate

Agate is another crystal that is a member of the quartz family. It is absolutely great at being able to help you to release tension, fear, and anger. However, where it really shines for those who are seeking an increase in their financial situation, is its ability to be able to help you concentrate and think rationally. 

Budgeting and considering your financial options isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world. It can be really hard to force yourself to sit down and do it. When you use grey agate, you can help break through that lack of focus and find potential solutions to your financial issues that you may not have thought of. 


Aventurine not only looks similar to green jade, it can also work in a similar way to be able to attract money to you. However, while jade creates the calm needed to be able to see potential opportunities, aventurine can help to create the opportunities. It is also a stone of luck, especially in matters of money.

In fact, some people consider aventurine as almost a four leaf clover when it comes to wealth and abundance. 

How To Use Crystals To Attract Money

When it comes to using any of the above crystals for helping to attract and manifest money to your life, there are a few different options to consider. 

One of the best ways to do that is by choosing the crystals that you feel the most connected with and keeping them visible. Many people choose to put them on their desk or wherever it is that they spend the most time working on creating their own wealth. It’s a subtle reminder of what you’re working so hard to achieve, and the crystal (or crystals) can help you without you even having to do anything!

To that end, CHIJI designed one of our crystal sets so that you can have multiple crystals known for their relationship with money in one easy place. Our Abundance and New Beginnings crystal set comes in an elegant pouch that you can store them when you’re not using them. It includes five different wealth-related crystals - green jade, grey agate, moonstone, aventurine, and amazonite. It also comes with a guide to help you use your crystals in case you need inspiration.

We also offer an Abundance Crystal Energy Candle to achieve that same goal. It is scented with lemon, pineapple, sandalwood, and eucalyptus, which are infused into a 100% soy, clean-burning wax. The wax is also made with a variety of miniature candles meant to help attract abundance (green jade, clear quartz, and citrine), as well as a larger citrine stone that you can use even after the candle is gone. 

If you want some quiet time to really focus on ways to manifest wealth and abundance, simply take a bath, light the candle, and spend some time in contemplation. You may be surprised by what ideas come to you.

In Summary…

Money isn’t everything, but it’s definitely nice to have! When you combine crystals known for their ability to help manifest wealth and abundance with a desire to work hard to achieve it, nothing in the world can stop you. CHIJI created products, like our Abundance and New Beginnings crystal set, so that you can put your plans and intentions into motion and achieve your dreams. What’s stopping you?


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