Red Jasper Meaning, Properties, and Use Cases

Red jasper isn’t talked about nearly as much as some of the more well-known gemstones like moonstone or amethyst, although it should be. It has the potential to be just as powerful and useful as any other stone out there, especially if you know the best way to use it. 

Chiji believes that knowledge is power, and we all deserve to be as empowered as possible. With that in mind, let’s take a more in-depth look at what makes red jasper so special.

Red Jasper 101

Although it doesn’t bear its name, red jasper is actually a type of quartz… at least partially. Technically, red jasper is a variety of chalcedony, which is mostly microcrystalline quartz mixed occasionally with a mineral called moganite. It is opaque, meaning that you can’t see through it, and the red color comes from the iron in its composition. 

The overall name of jasper was adapted from both ancient French and Latin words that meant “spotted” or “speckled,” which describes the unique patterns that the stone comes in, which can also be found in green, brown, yellow, and blue.

Red jasper is also known for having a smooth surface, which makes it far easier to polish it up and make it shine. As far as attractive stones go, red jasper is often overlooked but just as uniquely gorgeous as any of the others out there. 

Red Jasper’s Meaning

It can be difficult to really find the “true” meaning of any stone because most of them have been around for thousands of years. That means that the meaning can shift from culture to culture, and as time passes, the meanings of the stones can evolve as well. 

Red jasper is a great example of this. It has been used for warriors, for justice and protection, to represent Mother Nature, and even for fertility. Red jasper has been used in Egypt and several Native American cultures, and can even be found in the Bible. It has a long, interesting, vibrant history.

Now, red jasper is most frequently referred to as being a stone of endurance. Endurance is more than just the physical; it’s about withstanding whatever life may throw your way (both physically and mentally) and being able to push through. Red jasper is said to be able to stimulate the flow of chi (“life force”) throughout the body as well, which is vital for anything you hope to accomplish. 

Red jasper is also a stone of grounding, helping you to put your feet on the ground and work from a stable base. If you have an unstable base, nothing good can grow. You have to literally start from the ground up, and red jasper can help you to do that. Once you’re confident and empowered, you can break down any barriers that come your way.

Red Jasper And The Root Chakra

One of the most powerful connections that red jasper can make is with the root chakra. If you’re not familiar with chakras, the International Association of Reiki Professionals describes them as being “concentrated energy centers” that are located in the body. The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit word that translates to “disk” or “wheel,” which describes the shape that they are commonly considered to have. They are said to both take in and put out energy, as well as helping to circulate it through the body.

There are seven major chakras located in the body, each with a specific area (both physically and spiritually) that they “control.” Each of those chakras also has certain stones, colors, scents, etc. that are thought to be directly related to them. 

That’s where red jasper comes in. The stone is connected to the root chakra, as we mentioned above, but what exactly does that mean?

First of all, the root chakra (also referred to as the “base” chakra or “Muladhara) is the first of the seven chakras in the body. It is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone, and is the foundation of the rest of the chakra system. For that reason, the root chakra is strongly related to feelings of being “grounded” in the present. As we move up the chakras in the body, the focus moves from being fully in the body to fully in the mind (with the seventh chakra - the crown chakra, or Sahasrara). The root chakra is also related to the color red, which is one more powerful connection between red jasper and the body.

Learning to work with each of the chakras individually is really helpful, as you can learn to identify any potential sources of conflict as well as knowing how you can counteract them. This can give you an important sense of empowerment, helping you to take a little bit more control back. If you need a little extra help with that, red jasper is also known for helping people be brave. 

Red Jasper And Meditation

Red jasper is frequently used in meditation, and for good reason. One of the main purposes of meditation is grounding yourself so that you can live more frequently in the moment instead of finding yourself in the past or worrying about the future. 

This is most frequently referred to as “mindfulness.” When you can develop a stronger sense of mindfulness, it helps you to be able to look at things more realistically. With so many of life’s struggles caused by reacting to things too rashly, mindfulness can teach you how to give yourself that space where you can breathe and think before you act. 

You can also use red jasper specifically for root chakra meditation. If you’re unfamiliar with this style of meditation, it is essentially when you use the stone to help open up and remove blockages that may be stopping your root chakra from performing at its optimal level, leaving you feeling stuck, fearful, stressed out, and insecure. 

You’ll want to start by finding a quiet place where you can lay down for a few minutes without being disturbed. Then, take a few deep breaths, trying to focus on relaxing more with each one. 

Once you feel more fully relaxed, place your piece of red jasper on the lower part of your stomach, just underneath your navel. Visualize it helping to clear out the fog that may be surrounding your root chakra, and feeling yourself get more grounded as time passes. Spend as much time here as you need, then gently get up and go on about your day, feeling more balanced and stable and ready to take on anything that may come your way.

What Stones Work Well With Red Jasper?

If you’re the type of person who likes to work with more than one stone at a time, don’t worry! Red jasper definitely can work well with other stones if you know which ones to combine it with. 

One of those stones is a favorite of a lot of people… amethyst (we like it so much that we included it in one of our Crystal Energy Candles). Amethyst is known for giving protection, wisdom, and insight to the user, while red jasper adds the bravery that is necessary to take the risks that are so frequently necessary for positive change. 

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to combine red jasper with any stone that is known for helping to increase emotional responses, like carnelian. With red jasper’s ability to remove the obstacles most people have to taking action, combining it with a stone that promotes love or passion may increase the risk of reckless behavior if used too frequently. While it is ok to do this occasionally in specific circumstances, just make sure that you are being careful.  

Ways To Work With Red Jasper

In addition to using red jasper to help open up your root chakra, there are a few other ways that you can work with the stone.

Many people choose to carry it on them somehow, whether that is by wearing it as a necklace or just keeping it in their pocket or purse. When you feel the need to be extra brave or find your resolve being tested, just touch your piece of red jasper and remind yourself that you got this. 

Similarly, you can also keep it around the house or at your office in your direct line of sight. Just looking at it can help you feel stronger and more empowered. The bedroom is an especially powerful room to keep it in so that it can even act on you in your sleep.

In Summary

Red jasper can be extremely helpful in helping you to end stagnation and start taking action with your life. If you’re ready to break down the walls that are stopping you from taking control and living the life you’ve always wanted, give red jasper a shot. 

Chiji wants everyone to be empowered because when you realize that you’re often the only one throwing down roadblocks to your success, you really can achieve anything.


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