Sage Essential Oil: Cleanse Your Energy

Everyone’s energy needs to be cleansed from time to time. Whether that happens after a negative event or just as part of normal, daily life, sage essential oil can play an important part in being able to clean not only your own energy but the energy of the home as well. 

Think of it as a form of holistic self-care that smells (and tastes) delicious.

What is Sage?

Sage (scientifically known as Salvia) is an incredibly diverse herb. It can be cooked with, used to cleanse, as medicine, or just ornamentally as a decorative plant around the home. 

Technically, the sage plant is classified as a shrub. It is actually in the mint family, although the two herbs taste very different from each other. The plant is oval in shape, with woody stems that are covered in dusty, gray-green colored leaves. Those leaves have soft, velvet-like hairs all over them, which make them feel slightly fluffy or fuzzy to the touch. 

There are many different varieties of sage, but the two most frequently used are simply known as common sage (Salvia officinalis) and white sage (Salvia apiana).

The origins of using sage date back to the Romans, who used it to help with digestion, and has also been used by the Chinese, the French, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and in the Mediterranean. However, studies are still preliminary. 

How Do I Know If My Energy Needs Cleansed?

While energy is something that most people just “feel,” there are a few signs that you may have energy that needs to be cleansed. 

If you notice any of these, sage essential oil may be the way to go. 

  • Feeling especially stressed or tense - Tension and stress is a normal part of life in today’s society. But an overwhelming feeling of tension may be a sign that your energy is being sucked down or needs to be cleansed. Too much negativity can perpetuate a cycle of darkness.
  • Feeling “blocked” - Feeling blocked is another way that you can psychically feel like something is off with your energy field. If you’re trying to get things accomplished and you just feel stuck or like something is holding you back, you may need to unblock and cleanse your energy.
  • Feeling “off” - Sometimes negative energy doesn’t create obvious symptoms. Occasionally, a sign that you need to cleanse your energy is just feeling “off” or like something isn’t quite right. If there is no obvious cause for how you’re feeling, consider trying out some sage essential oil or another way to cleanse your energy.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused - Negative energy is draining, and can make you feel physically exhausted. This exhaustion can lead to feeling overwhelmed, confused, and just not able to keep up with the demands of life. 
  • Physical pain - While physical pain is usually an indication of a physical problem, if that has been ruled out, it’s a possibility that your pain may be the result of a build up of tension in the body. Negative energy in the body over time can cause tension in the neck, shoulders, and jaw which can lead to muscle and joint pain as well as headaches. 
  • Extra clumsiness - Some people are just clumsy, bumping into walls, tripping over their own feet, etc. But if you suddenly become extra clumsy, in a way that is worse than it has been, it might be a sign that your energy alignment is out of whack. 
  • Dwelling too much in the past - We all think about the past from time to time. However, dwelling too much on things that you can’t change, especially when you’re going through times of trauma, can “clog” your energy and significantly increase your stress level. Moving back into the present can help you unblock your energy and move forward in a positive way. 

How To Use Sage Essential Oil

Sage is known for so many positive benefits, all of which can help to cleanse both the body and the energy in the body. 

To help unlock that potential, sage can be used in aromatherapy practices. All you need to do is to place five to seven drops of sage essential oil in a diffuser, or place them in a cup of hot water and inhale. In addition to the relaxation and stress reducing properties, sage is also an effective antibacterial. Inhaling it helps clear the air, quite literally. 

Sage massage oil is also a way to help cleanse the aura while also stopping the muscles and joints from aching so much. Adding just a few drops of the oil to your favorite massage lotion before using it can help release tension, decrease stress, and even help reduce menstrual cramps. 

If getting a massage isn’t a possibility, sage essential oil can also be used in a hot compress that you can administer yourself. Just fill up a bowl with warm water, then add four drops of sage essential oil. Soak a washcloth in the mixture for a few minutes, then apply directly to the area that needs it. It’s not as much fun as a massage, but it works nearly the same.

Finally, taking a bath with sage essential oil is one of the best ways to help cleanse your energy. Light an essential oil candle for additional soothing effects, draw a warm bath, and add two to four drops of sage essential oil. When you inhale the scent of sage, it starts to impact your olfactory system which can impact emotion and create a sense of relaxation. The oil also helps with physical stress reduction, while you’re also taking time out for self-care. 

Other Ways To Use Sage

Cooking with sage is one of the best, non-cleansing ways to use the herb. Sage is likely the smell that you attribute most to Thanksgiving stuffing. It has a strong, herbal aroma and is described mostly as tasting “earthy.” It is also delicious when combined with other herbs, like thyme, and works great on almost anything (meat, seafood, poultry, butter, etc). Sage leaves can be used either fresh or dried, but the “fuzzy” texture of sage may make them difficult to eat raw. It’s a way to ingest sage in a safe, tasty way.

Smudging is another great way to use sage to cleanse negative energy from the home. Sage bundles can be purchased or made, and simply need to be lit and taken around the home. You’ll want the windows open so that the negative energy has a place to go. Walk around the home clockwise, taking care to make sure the smoke gets into every corner. It helps to purify both the air and the energy, and can be used when moving into a new home or anytime the energy feels like it’s getting negative. Be aware that smudging is a Native American tradition, so if you choose to do it make sure to honor the culture appropriately. 

Alternative Ways to Cleanse Your Energy

If the energy in your home is feeling negative and you’d like additional help in cleansing it, there are more ways besides just using sage. While smudging is one of the best ways to help purify the space, there is also a simple ritual that you can perform.

Start by thoroughly sweeping the front door step (or entrance to your home, if you don’t have a door step). This will help keep the home’s energy uplifted, clean, and positive. Follow that up with opening all of the doors and windows so that the home is flooded with fresh air and sunlight. 

Because these entryways are not only entrances for air but also for energy, keeping them clean and purified is essential. Fill a bucket with water and juice five lemons into it. Add a cup of salt and ¼ cup of either white vinegar or ammonia. Put on a pair of gloves and use the solution to clean the windows, doors, window, door frames, and door knobs. You can then go on to use the same solution to clean the stove, which can help cleanse the space as well as your health and financial life.

Once you’re finished, pour a small amount of salt in each corner of every room of the house and let it remain there for 48 hours. It will help to absorb any negative energy that remains in the home, similar to the way that sage works. If the energy feels stagnant or like it is uninterested in leaving the home, you can also try ringing a bell three times in each corner. 

And finally, selenite is great for cleansing the home. Add a small piece to the windowsills to help not only cleanse but also clear bad energy and raise the vibrational energy to help keep it positive. It’s an easy way to help the home and yourself.  


Sage essential oil is great not only for cleansing the energy of the body and home but also for cooking, massage, and even in the bathtub! 

This adaptable, diverse essential oil can do wonders for the spirit and for your self-care