Unique Christmas Gifts: 10 Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

Getting together with loved ones, eating a home cooked meal, and opening presents on Christmas is a time-honored tradition for many people. There aren’t many days of the year that are quite like it--days that feel as full of love and family as those during the holiday season. 

If you’re struggling to find a gift that is unique as your giftee is, look no further. Here at Chiji, we love the feelings that come with this time of year, which is why we want to help. 

We’ve come up with 10 different, special, and unique Christmas gift ideas that you probably haven’t thought of.

#1) A New Chef’s Knife

If someone on your list is a kitchen enthusiast but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on honing their craft, a chef’s knife makes for a great, thoughtful, unique Christmas gift idea. 

While not the cheapest Christmas gift option, chef’s knives from reputable companies like Wusthof can really make a huge difference in meal preparation. Some chefs believe that a chef’s knife is the kitchen tool that really matters the most, so having a quality one that cuts cleanly and precisely can definitely take any cooking game up a few levels.

If you really want to amp up their cooking skills, you can also give them a gift certificate to take a few cooking classes. They can not only show off their new knife, but also learn more about how to cut with it. 

#2) A Different Way of Making Coffee

Even coffee enthusiasts hit a rut with finding new and different ways of enjoying the beverage they love so much. 

This year, look into the many ways that people make coffee all over the world. There are plenty of options, from a french press to a Moka pot and even an AeroPress. Add a few bags of local coffee (ground to the specifications of whatever coffee making device you plan to purchase) and watch their eyes light up. Coffee is more than just a drink… it’s a lifestyle. 

Some coffee shops also hold classes on how to make coffee at home. Keep an eye out for these workshops, so you can give your giftee the ability to make coffee and the knowledge how to make it even better. Their coffee game will thank you. Maybe they’ll even brew you a fresh cup on Christmas morning to show off their new skills!

#3) A Face Roller

Face rollers make great, unique gifts for those natural beauty enthusiasts on your gift list.

These holistic beauty products help firm and brighten the skin naturally and improve the overall feeling and appearance of the skin. The best news is, they don’t require any chemicals to work! 

All that needs to be done is to roll the face roller over their face in the recommended pattern (up and down, not back and forth) using light to moderate pressure. Some people like to add essential oils (mixed with a safe carrier oil) to their face roller before using it, as well. If that sounds like something your giftee would be into, throw in a few soothing and relaxing oils, like lavender or jasmine. 

Face rollers make excellent, unique stocking stuffers. You can even pair it with other self care items specifically designed for the face, like face masks and moisturizers, for an even bigger surprise. Any skin care enthusiast will be delighted. 

#4) A Family Recipe Book

For a sentimental gift sure to please the entire family, create a custom recipe book filled with family recipes. 

Recipe books can be anywhere from simple hand-written recipes to printed and bound leather-covered custom works of art. Including pictures of family members alongside the recipes they are known for makes them even more touching, especially if those recipes come from people who have since passed away. Arrange the recipes in sections, with pictures of what they look like when they’re done for reference. 

If your family is full of recipes handed down generation to generation, a family recipe book can help make sure those recipes don’t disappear as time goes on. It’s not only a great gift, it’s also a piece of your family heritage in physical form.

#5) A DNA Kit and Coffee Table Book

If ancestry and cultural roots are important to the person you’re giving a gift to, a DNA kit is an excellent solution. 

Not only will they love being able to find out exactly what their lineage is, if enough people have submitted their DNA through the company you choose, they’ll also be able to get a customized DNA coffee table book. These books compile all of the information available, as well as a family tree. It’s the perfect gift for any ancestry lover, especially one who wants to know more about where they come from.

If possible, give DNA kits to everyone in your extended family, even if you spread this gift over the course of several years since it can be a little pricey. This will help trace the lineage even further. Spitting in a tube with your family has never been so much fun!

#6) Crystal Energy Candles

Sometimes people just need to get their vibes right. If your giftee is in need of some peace of mind and general negativity-cleansing, our Crystal Energy Candles®  make the perfect gift. 

We designed these candles to help promote whatever vibes are most pressing - from creating positive vibes to attracting love. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, and miniature crystals help further boost the power of each crystal energy candle. 

Each also comes with a larger crystal that is revealed as the candle burns down, meant for use with meditation after the candle is gone. Plus, our candles smell great and make for a great decoration on a mantle, bookshelf, or bedside table (safely, of course).

If they’re really worried about their vibes, you can include a bundle of sage so they can perpetuate that good energy throughout their entire home!

#7) A Food Subscription Box

Do you have someone on your gift list that loves to cook but just doesn’t have the time to do it as often as they’d like?

A great gift idea for people like this are food subscription boxes. There are plenty of options out there, but all essentially function the same. Meals are sent directly to their house once a week, portioned out specifically for the amount of people who will be eating them (from a single person to family style). 

All your giftee needs to do is pull out the ingredients, do a little prep work, and enjoy a home cooked meal without all the shopping and planning behind it.

You can gift a single box, a weekly box, or a box a month either once or for any amount of time you want. 

#8) Experiences

Experiences are just as great of a gift as anything you could physically give this holiday season. 

Sometimes a gift that you can wrap just isn’t enough to express how much that person means to you. Experiences allow you to give them the gift of lifelong memories, whether or not you choose to go with them or not. 

What you choose to do is up to you, and should focus on things that you know your giftee is interested in. A few ideas are things like concert tickets, reservations to that hard to get into restaurant they’re always talking about, tickets to a musical or play, or classes for the new exercise craze they’ve been wanting to try. 

They’ll love it, and will be so grateful for how much thought you put into it as well. 

#9) A Spa Gift Basket

For a customized gift that is sure to please, consider putting together a spa gift basket. These gift baskets are perfect for anyone who needs to unwind or that has trouble really being able to focus on their own self care. 

You can pack a spa gift basket full of whatever you think your giftee would like. Common items to include are massage and/or facial gift certificates, nail polish, face masks, lotions, and bath bombs. This will encourage them to take a little more time out to make sure they are paying attention to their mental health needs, as well.

#10) A Silk Pillowcase

If you have a beauty lover on your list, an unexpected gift that they’ll fully appreciate is the gift of a silk pillowcase. 

While you may not think it just looking at them, silk pillowcases are absolutely packed full of benefits for both hair and skin. Experts say they can help prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair, keep the skin hydrated, and even regulate body temperature as they sleep. For something that doesn’t require any active use, they’re pretty amazing.  

In Conclusion…

Make sure everyone on your list lights up with joy when they see what you’ve specifically picked out for them this holiday season. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration in the gift ideas we’ve come up with today! 

May your holiday season be filled with all of the warmth, joy, family, and love you deserve!