Introduction to Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Of the many crystals that are out there, few are as misunderstood as rose quartz. The stone often gets written off as only being good for matters of the heart, but it has so many more positive benefits than just that. 

In fact, those of us here at CHIJI believe in the power of rose quartz so much that we featured it in one of our crystal energy candles

So, what exactly is rose quartz good for and how can you best use it?

The Physical and Chemical Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, known chemically as Si02, is one of many different varieties of the larger, quartz family. Quartz is the second most abundantly prevalent crystal on Earth, which makes rose quartz also one of the most affordable.

The beautiful, rosy pink hue of rose quartz is a natural property that comes from microscopic inclusions of dumortierite (a mineral), not one that is chemically created or treated. Its pink color can vary from very light to a more medium hue, and the crystals are usually hazy making them far less transparent than other varieties. 

Rose quartz is found most often in Brazil, but it can also be frequently found in countries like Madagascar, and the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. It is formed in pockets of a type of rock known as pegmatite, or in hydrothermal veins underground, usually with high heat.

The first rose quartz crystal was discovered around 1913. It has been popular ever since, both for its inclusion in all kinds of stunning jewelry as well as its supposed metaphysical and spiritual properties and benefits. 

The Metaphysical and Spiritual Properties of Rose Quartz

The metaphysical and spiritual properties of rose quartz are numerous, so we’ll break each of them down and talk about them in much more detail.

Helps With Love and Romance

By far the most well-known metaphysical benefit of rose quartz is its use in matters of the heart. 

While most people associate these with sexual or romantic relationships, rose quartz can also be used for assistance in any loving relationship, including those with children and other family members.

In addition, rose quartz can also help you learn to love yourself. The deepest, most important relationship that we have in this life is our relationship with ourselves. Ironically, that is also a relationship that we frequently neglect in place of taking care of everyone else around us. 

When you work with rose quartz, it can help you learn to develop a closer, most supportive relationship with yourself. It can also help you to heal from any old wounds that you may have experienced, or even caused to yourself. 

Some people even believe that it helps you to be able to get in touch with your spirit guides, who can help you really learn who you are.

Helps Balance the Heart Chakra

Each of the body’s seven chakras has a few crystals associated with it, ones that vibrate on the specific frequency needed to be able to open it up and help balance it. For the fourth chakra, the heart chakra (or Anahata, in Sanskrit), one of those crystals is rose quartz. 

When the heart chakra is blocked, you can experience all kinds of both physical and spiritual signs and symptoms. 

Physically, a blocked heart chakra can cause issues with the hands, arms, lungs, chest, and heart leading to problems with blood pressure and various heart and lung medical conditions. Spiritually, you can experience extreme codependency, difficulty trusting, and insecurity. 

Helps Improve Physical Beauty

Rose quartz can also help to improve physical beauty. The crystals are said to be beneficial for improving the skin’s circulation when used in a rose quartz face roller, which is a major help with rejuvenating skin cells and helping firm the skin. They don’t call them “rosy” cheeks for nothing! With increased circulation also comes an increased ability to clear toxins and impurities. 

The impact rose quartz has on physical beauty is probably one of its longest known benefits, and even Cleopatra was thought to have used the crystal in her bath water to help keep herself looking youthful and beautiful.

Helps With Spiritual Healing

Because many experience rose quartz as having a gentle, soothing energy, it lends itself greatly to helping calm and comfort those who are in need. 

This not only includes those who are struggling with emotional wounds, especially those of a romantic nature, but anyone who has experienced a trauma that seems to be lingering. 

Because rose quartz is connected with love and beauty, it is connected with the feminine divine. 

Rose quartz is said to be able to help connect you with that goddess energy inside you, no matter what gender you identify as. It helps remind people that they all have a source of power and divine inspiration inside them, and all they need to do is learn how to access it to help rebuild their self confidence. 

Ways To Use Rose Quartz

Once you’ve identified the specific aspect of your life that you would like to work on, you’ll want to use rose quartz in a way that supports and deepens that journey of healing and growth. 

That’s why there are many different, unique ways that you can use the crystal, which are specific to the need that you’re working to address.


Incorporating rose quartz into any bathing routine or ritual is a great way to make use of the stone for both matters of the heart and for help with physical issues or beauty concerns.

To begin, simply fill your bathtub with water. Some people believe that it is best to take a rose quartz bath on a Friday, as that day is specifically associated with Venus (and, thus, with love). You may want to add rose petals or other essential oils that compliment your end goal, as well. 

Place a piece of two of rose quartz in the bathtub and get in! Soak as long as you want, making sure to dunk your head under the water at least a few times to immerse yourself in all its power and benefits. 

Facial Rollers

If you’re looking to use rose quartz for its beauty benefits, look no further than one of our facial rollers. Facial rollers are amazing for helping to promote circulation, which leads to firmer, more youthful looking skin with less puffiness.  

If you are using your rose quartz facial roller to help with physical beauty, you should also use a neutral carrier oil with an essential oil known to help (like rose or lavender oil). This also helps to stop the facial roller from tugging and pulling at your skin, which decreases the risk of wrinkles and sagging skin. 

Follow that up with a rich moisturizer to seal in the benefits. You can also use the facial roller to apply sheet masks, as it helps the mask be applied more uniformly to the skin. 


Using rose quartz in meditation is the recommended way to help harness its power to open and balance the heart chakra. It’s also one of the most simple.

All you need to do is find a quiet place where you can lie comfortably without fear of being disturbed. Using a moderately sized piece of rose quartz (about the size of the palm of your hand), lie on your back with your hands at your side. Place the piece of rose quartz (charged and consecrated, if possible) on your chest over your heart, and then simply breathe. 

Focus on your heart and visualize it opening up, all of the muck clearing away so that it can flow without blockage. Do this for as long as it takes to feel better.


The crystal also makes an incredible gift, due to its relatively inexpensive price tag in relation to all of its many benefits. 

Rose quartz is an especially great gift for newlyweds, as it can help support the love and romance in the relationship for years to come. It can also be great to give as a gift for someone who has gone through a recent heartbreak or breakup, especially if you’re unsure exactly what to do to help that person through this tough time. 

Also, there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a piece of rose quartz jewelry. You’re worthy of love and self confidence just as much as anyone you would choose to give it to, right? It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while; it’s an important part of self care!

In Summary…

Rose quartz is good for much more than just simply helping with love and romance. From its impact on physical beauty (which is why we made one of our facial rollers out of it), to helping open the heart chakra, to promoting self love and confidence. 

When you make good use of rose quartz, you can significantly improve your quality of life, both physically and mentally.