10 Best Crystals for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Do you struggle with anxiety? Need a new way to practice a little stress relief? Crystals for anxiety and stress relief are more diverse and useful than you may think, especially if you like to stick to more natural remedies. There are plenty of crystals out there that say that they can help, but do they do what they promise? 

Chiji’s Peace + Positivity Crystal Set includes four of the stones on this list, but there are others that you can work with in addition. There is no such thing as too much or too little when it comes to how you can best relieve your stress and reduce your anxiety. Stick with us for even more tips.

#1) Crystal Quartz

It makes sense to start with crystal quartz when we talk about using crystals for anxiety and stress relief, as it is referred to by many people as the “Master Healer.” If you can get just one crystal, make it crystal quartz (sometimes called clear quartz). Its power is in the fact that it is clear, which makes it a great amplifier of nearly anything you need from it. Think of it like a prism, where one ray of light comes in, and a rainbow comes out the other side. 

Crystal quartz is helpful for anxiety and stress relief not by removing the source of stress but by helping you to work through any issues from your past that may be triggering it. Once you can work through the baggage that may be holding you back, you can step forward with less stress and anxiety. Don’t let your past inform your future any longer. Let crystal quartz help free you from those destructive patterns so you can move on, once and for all.

#2) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the exact opposite of crystal quartz in appearance. The way that can help with your anxiety and stress is by using its power to help relieve some of the heaviness that can overwhelm you during stressful times. It soaks up and absorbs all of that negative energy and transforms it, helping you to redirect all of those feelings into a more positive place. 

In addition, black tourmaline is great for grounding. If you’re feeling yourself floating up and out of yourself and are being sucked into that vortex of anxiety, black tourmaline can help bring you back down into reality. The stone is also said to help protect you against electromagnetic vibrations, which may be able to negatively impact our physical health (according to the World Health Organization). With less negative energy floating around, both inside you and around you, the positivity can take over and help to return you to a more neutral state of mind.

#3) Amethyst

Instead of absorbing or focusing your stress and anxiety, amethyst can help you to see through it into the heart of the matter. It helps you dispel feelings of resentment, unexpressed frustration, and anger so that you can live your life with more positivity, clarity, and compassion. It’s that powerful ability that led us to include it in our Chiji Peace + Positive Vibes Crystal Set, and it’s a great all-purpose stone as well.

Amethyst works by helping to unblock and activate some of the higher chakras, like the crown and third eye chakras. With a higher sense of intuition, it becomes easier to see the truth amidst all of the overwhelming emotion. Finding clarity, especially when you’re in the midst of a stressful situation, can help cut through the anxiety so that you can look at things with more rationality. Making decisions because of anxiety often leads to decisions that you’ll ultimately regret. Amethyst can help out with that.  

#4) Blue Lace Agate

If your anxiety and stress manifest themselves as an overall sense of doom and gloom nervousness, blue lace agate is a great choice to work with. The calm can be felt as soon as you hold the stone in your hand, and it can quickly spread throughout your entire body.

Blue lace agate is also closely associated with the throat chakra, where our ability to physically communicate comes from. The stone can help calm your anxiety to help you communicate more efficiently. Everyone knows what it’s like to try to talk about what’s bothering them in the heat of the moment. Tempers can flare, miscommunication happens, and nothing good comes of it. With blue lace agate, you get the space between thinking and reacting that you need to be able to get your point across in a calm way.

#5) Fluorite

Another crystal that makes its appearance in our crystal sets is fluorite. This beautiful, uniquely colored stone is less about action and more about supporting you as you do the work. It helps to quietly but effectively dissipate negative energy while also dissolving mental blocks. When you use fluorite, especially if you’re an Aquarius or a Capricorn, you create the space necessary for the progress that you want to make. 

Fluorite is also all about balance, part of why it was nicknamed the “Rainbow Keeper.” It is a stone full of peace, harmony, and positive vibes that work to balance out any negativity that may be surrounding you, especially in a stressful situation.

#6) Aquamarine

Much like its beautiful, calming color, aquamarine creates a calm, tranquil vibe that helps fight off that classic, racing overthinking that comes with anxiety. The stone is just filled with soothing vibrational energy that can calm you down when you’re feeling at your most stressed out. Looking for peace of mind, emotional balance, and peace in the midst of a storm of anxiety? Look no further than aquamarine.

#7) Peridot

If you’re the type of anxious person that finds yourself constantly worried about what may happen in the future, pick up a piece of peridot. Anyone who is struggling with something that takes them out of the present moment can benefit from the reminder that the past is the past and the future has not yet been written. When combined with mindfulness meditation, which helps you learn how to recognize fact from fiction, peridot can help you find the acceptance necessary to totally embrace where you’re at right at this moment. It’s so important.

#8) Carnelian

Feeling self conscious and afraid that you’re not quite good enough to reach for your dreams? You may want to turn to carnelian. This stunning, reddish-orange stone can not only help you to build your self confidence but also provide you with all the enthusiasm and motivation that you need to break through that stress and move forward. 

If you’re finding your head filled with a constant stream of negative thinking, telling you that you don’t deserve for good things to happen to you, carnelian can also help with that. Working with the stone can help you push through that line of thinking and quiet those untrue, negative thoughts. You’ll be surprised by just how much more you can accomplish when you stop allowing your brain to work against you.

#9) Angelite

One of the most appropriately named crystals for anxiety is angelite. The stone is a soothing, blue color that shows on the outside only a small portion of what makes it so powerful on the inside. Think of angelite like a big, warm hug from a trusted loved one.

In addition to being able to calm you, angelite can also help protect you. Just like a guardian angel, this powerful stone provides you with the knowledge that you can and will get through anything and that you’re never alone. It’s a quiet support system, helping to guide you toward what you know in your heart is best. You don’t have to be religious or believe in angels to benefit from the comforting power of angelite. 

#10) Citrine

While citrine is more well-known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity, it also has a part to play with helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Much like its bright, happy yellow color, citrine helps to promote positive vibes. This is an especially useful stone for people who may be dealing with stress surrounding their personal finances, as it is often referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone.” 

If your anxiety is unconsciously putting roadblocks in your path toward financial security and success, citrine may be able to help you recognize and clear those blockages. After all, you’re often your own worst enemy at the end of the day.

In Summary

When it comes to crystals for anxiety and stress relief, the options are plentiful. When you purchase a Peace + Positive Vibes Crystal Set from Chiji, it takes away the guess work. That means you can get back to living a happy, peaceful, joyful life grounded in the here and now, and can more easily cope with everything that life has to throw at you, good and bad.


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