Green Jade: What Are Its Healing Properties And Uses?

Green jade has been used for centuries, known for both its stunning beauty and its potential spiritual and healing properties. Whether you work with it alone or as part of one of Chiji’s Crystal Kit Collections, jade has the ability to help attract things like clarity, prosperity, and abundance into your life. Knowing how to use your jade is exactly what you need to help you make the most of your stone, because who doesn’t deserve a little more abundance in their lives?

Green Jade Basics

Although it is called “jade,” there are actually two different stones that are referred to as being green jade. Both nephrite and jadeite are called jade, and both are the traditional, signature green color. That means jade is actually more of a cultural term instead of the actual name of a single gemstone. Interestingly enough, jade can also come in other colors, like lavender, red, yellow, grey, and even blue. 

Jade has always been multi-use, mostly due to its beauty and its durability. That’s why it has been made into tools (like ax heads and weapons) and sculptures as well as jewelry and other ornamental objects. In fact, jade has been found in decorative items, especially in China, for more than 5,000 years. 

They even made the distinction between not only jadeite and nephrite (with jadeite being preferred for its shine and how easy it was to work with), but a third category they referred to as “imperial jade.” Imperial jade was the brightest, most uniformly green jade out there and was only allowed to be used by the Chinese Emperor himself. While that has since changed, making imperial jade available for everyone, it often costs even more than diamonds (when evaluated carat to carat).

Green Jade Correlations

Green jade isn’t just beautiful; it’s also said to be tied with a few different concepts and astrological signs. Knowing a little more about them can help you decide how you can best use jade in your life.

When it comes to astrological signs, jade really can be used by any of them. However, there are few signs that have a closer relationship with jade than the others. Taurus (an Earth sign), Gemini (an Air sign), and Virgo (another Earth sign) are all said to have a particular affinity with jade. In fact, jade is even one of the birthstones associated with Virgos. 

When it comes to the relationship that Tauruses and Geminis have with jade, it is more about how it can help balance out their particular astrological shortcomings. With a Taurus, jade can help to draw their attention to the abundance that is present in their lives. Geminis can benefit from the stone’s ability to help ground them and counteract some of their natural-born restlessness. 

If you’re looking for other stones that compliment jade and help to not only bring out the best in the stone but also offer similar qualities, look to grey agate and amazonite. Both of these stones are great for attracting balance, abundance, and prosperity. When paired with moonstone and aventurine, the possibilities for starting fresh are endless. 

Green Jade For Healing

No matter how you look at it, in some way, most of the benefits of green jade come down to their ability to promote a sense of healing in your life. Creating clarity around a situation that you need to heal from or helping you to heal by moving on with abundance or prosperity, green jade’s power to heal and balance is nothing but totally inspirational. To better understand that, let’s dig a little bit deeper into each of those concepts and where they come from. 

Green Jade For Clarity

Using green jade to promote clarity has been around as long as jade has. Its ability to help remove all of the emotions swirling around you and restore you to a neutral place of balance is one of the main reasons it has gained this reputation. 

Our thoughts are always tangled up with our feelings. While it’s great to stay connected to our emotions and to deal with them directly, they can also cloud our judgement. When you use jade to help you gain clarity, it helps you to be able to separate your thoughts from your feelings so that you can see things more clearly. This can help you make wise, well-thought-through decisions that have been evaluated from all angles instead of making rash, quick, emotional decisions that you may regret later. 

Green Jade For Prosperity

One of the most obvious and well-known uses for jade is to help attract prosperity. The connection is obvious, as jade is the same green color as money. But prosperity is so much more than the financial. 

Jade was perhaps originally connected to the concept of prosperity by the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. Translating literally to “wind-water,” feng shui has been used for thousands of years to help direct the flow of energy (known as qi) around spaces like homes or offices. With this practice, there are five different elements used to categorize qualities that you may want to bring into your space. Each also relates to the others in some way. Those elements are:

  • wood, 
  • water, 
  • fire, 
  • metal, and 
  • air. 

Jade is in the wood category, representing upward momentum and wealth as well as family and vitality.

Green Jade For Abundance

Although abundance and prosperity seem similar at first, there is a subtle difference between them. While the end result may be the same, abundance refers more to a sense of feeling wealthy on the inside, and prosperity is more about the material. 

Jade’s relationship to attracting abundance is that it is said to help direct the flow of energy from the divine (or whatever source of higher power or energy you believe in) into your reality. That energy, once it is able to impact you, works like a magnet to attract even more abundance. It is specifically good at creating a sense of peace, balance, and harmony in your dealings with family and business, as well as being a reminder that you need to slow down and more greatly appreciate them. 

How To Use Green Jade

Green jade is great for creating and maintaining balance in your life, especially when you need the clarity to figure out how you’re really feeling. There are a few ways that you can best do that, although you should always follow your heart when it comes to working with any stone. 

Using your jade, or an Abundance and New Beginnings Crystal Set from Chiji, in your meditation rituals can be one of those ways. Meditation is great for the mind in general, helping you to live more completely in the moment without getting as tied up in worry or negative thinking. In fact, mindfulness is often considered to be one of the kindest things that you can do for yourself. When you add in the amplification potential of stones, like jade, you can focus all of that intention on attracting abundance, prosperity, and clarity into your life without really having to do anything!

To use jade in meditation, lay on your back and place it over your heart chakra. It helps promote that connection between your body and your mind and activates a greater sense of clarity and balance when it comes to thinking with your heart.  

You may also want to consider using green jade the way that people have been for thousands of years by incorporating it into the feng shui of your home. While you may not want to redo your entire home, placing green jade crystals in the appropriate places in your house also helps to naturally attract its positive principles into your home or office.  

According to feng shui experts, jade should be placed in the southeastern corner of your space. That is also the area of the home associated with the “wood” element, just like jade is. You can place a single gemstone or even an ornamental statue made of jade. 

And finally, you can always wear or carry a piece of jade with you. That way, you can keep that sense of clarity and balance with you wherever you go, as a constant reminder to appreciate all of the good things in your life. 

In Summary

Green jade is a powerful stone, and it is just as beautiful as it is useful. Whether you are hoping to attract abundance or prosperity to your life or just gain a better perspective and sense of clarity, using jade to help focus on that and promote it can be powerful. To really start over with a new, healthier perspective, consider an Abundance + New Beginnings Crystal Set from Chiji. Even just keeping a piece of green jade on you, or taking a few minutes to meditate with it, can really improve your outlook.


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