3 Black Obsidian Healing Properties

When it comes to choosing a stone, there are plenty of things for you to take into consideration. What do you need it for? What are your goals? How are you feeling? Picking a stone that aligns with you and one that just feels “right” is the ultimate way to help take a little bit more control of your destiny. 

To help you make the best choice, the crew at Chiji wants to dig deep into one specific stone in this article… black obsidian. What are the black obsidian healing properties, and how can you use them to support your goals? Let’s learning more!

Black Obsidian Basics

Part of the power that black obsidian has comes from how its made. Not very many stones can claim to be the result of a volcanic eruption, but obsidian can. Black obsidian, and other forms of obsidian like snowflake obsidian and rainbow obsidian, are actually a form of volcanic glass. It is made when the molten lava from a volcanic eruption cools quickly. 

Black obsidian is interesting, too, because it looks like it would be smooth to the touch, but it can actually have sharp or at least rough edges. It’s those sharp edges that are why obsidian has been found as far back as 2.5 million years ago as both tools and weapons for many different indigenous populations. 

#1) Black Obsidian Healing Properties For Physical Things

When it comes to black obsidian’s connection with the physical body, it is said to be most closely attuned to the digestive system. That includes issues with digestion and the gall bladder. 

In addition, the stone can help clarify what mental and emotional issues may be adding to your physical problems. After all, every part of our body is intertwined. How many times have you been anxious and had your stomach hurt? You have to treat the physical body on a holistic level and consider any other factors that can be contributing. 

#2) Black Obsidian Healing Properties For Psychic and Spiritual Things

In addition to the positive impact that black obsidian can have on the physical, it is also well-known for its ability to help with psychic and spiritual issues. 

One of the biggest ways that black obsidian can help is by working to cleanse the “smoke” away from your aura. If you’re unfamiliar with the aura, it’s the energy field that surrounds the body. While not everyone is lucky enough to be able to see them, everyone has them. It’s where your energy and emotions are expressed, and it is constantly changing depending on the situation and how you’re feeling. 

If your aura is cloudy, it’s a strong indication that you may be going through a time of turmoil. Cloudy auras can also block the function of your chakras, which control a lot of how your body and mind feel and react. Carrying a piece of black obsidian on you, or using it in a targeted meditation practice, can help blow away the clouds and return you to a happy, healthier state of mind.

Black obsidian is also considered a psychic protection stone. Its reflective properties can divert any negative psychic energy away from you (and sometimes back at the person who may be trying to hurt you, so be careful when using it). Many also believe that it works to not only cleanse the aura but also build a shield around it to protect you from all psychic attacks. While you may not need to carry black obsidian with you on a regular basis, carrying it when you feel particularly vulnerable is recommended. 

Also, much like the stone can control and divert negative psychic energy away from you, it also has the potential to take your own psychic abilities and amplify them. If you’ve always had a hint that you possess a deeper gift, using black obsidian may be able to take that spark and turn it into a fire. The stone itself has been said to be great for scrying or looking into a shiny or reflective surface to tap into not only your unconsciousness but also the collective universe. 

Many people choose to keep black obsidian around the home, especially near entryways, to help block out any negative energy that may be trying to make its way inside. It’s also a good idea to keep a piece in your bedroom to help protect you from psychic attacks as you sleep. 

#3) Black Obsidian Healing Properties For Mental Things

Black obsidian healing properties don’t stop at the physical and spiritual. If you’re struggling with certain mental issues, using black obsidian also has the potential to help you break through and find peace and comfort in your decisions. 

For instance, if you’re trying to decide whether or not you need to cut ties with someone in your life (whether a partner, friend, relative, or even a job), black obsidian can help clarify things. Once you’re able to more clearly see the negative patterns in your life and how they are impacting you, decisions become a lot more black and white. It’s when we get hung up on the guilt of severing ties that we stay longer than we should… which only ends up hurting you in the long run. Using black obsidian in meditation when focusing on that situation is very helpful. 

Black obsidian also has a reputation for being a “stone of truth.” It has a way of cutting through the extra stuff, allowing you to really see into the heart of any matter. However, be warned that this ability works on all things, and you may have things revealed to you that you’re not ready to deal with or realize… so always use caution when using black obsidian for this purpose. Because of its nature and its color, it tends to reveal much more about the darkness and negativity that surrounds you, and where it may be coming from can be a huge surprise in some cases. 

Black Obsidian And Grounding

Although it isn’t specifically a healing property, another one of black obsidian’s most powerful properties is its ability to help ground you. Grounding, which has also been referred to as Earthing, is the process of being able to connect yourself more directly with the Earth and all of the forces that encompass it. 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re floating around from day to day with no connection or ability to refocus yourself, grounding is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself. This is especially helpful for people who are struggling with anxiety because it becomes very easy to lose yourself in things you don’t have any control over.

To perform a grounding ritual, you’ll want to hold a piece of black obsidian in your hand and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes (if you feel safe doing that, of course), and focus on how the stone feels in your hand. 

Direct all your attention to the stone, and feel your anxiety flowing out of you and into it. Let it take away all your stress, all your fear, all your worry. Pay attention to your body and how it feels instead of letting your mind spin out of control. This can help you take your power back and regain control when you’re feeling most out of control. It’s one of black obsidian’s most universal abilities, and harnessing it can be literally life-changing.

Combining Black Obsidian With Other Stones

You don’t have to work with black obsidian in isolation. If you’re hoping to use the stone alongside other stones to further amplify its power, there are a few that you should look at.

At CHIJI, we developed our Protection + Evil Eye Crystal Set to allow black obsidian to work with other stones that are known for providing similar, powerful benefits.

Tiger’s Eye, for instance, can help work as a protection amulet from negative energy being directed your way by others. Labradorite balances that out by helping to raise the energy of your aura and can help counteract negative impacts on your aura by adding its own positive ones. And sodalite is a stone of positivity, helping you feel calmer while also learning to love yourself and feel confident with who and what you are.  

In Summary

Black obsidian healing properties can be powerful when used in the right way. Whether you are struggling with a physical issue, are having problems with negative psychic energy, or are wanting help clarifying and dealing with something that has been weighing on your mind for quite some time, this stone can help. Chiji includes it in our protection set because we believe that you deserve to have all of the tools at your disposal to live your best life. In the end, you hold all of the power, which can be incredibly life-affirming when you realize it. 


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