Cleanse Your Aura: Labradorite Benefits and Healing Properties

Exploring the labradorite benefits as they apply to your life and your needs is an exciting journey. Each stone is special in its own unique way, and each holds a power that you will likely need at some point in your life. Learning more about the specific uses of any stone means that you’ll be more quickly able to decide which one you need should any emergencies pop up. 

Chiji has built an entire company around the power of crystals, and labradorite is no different. What are its benefits, and does it have any healing properties? Let’s learn more!

Labradorite Basics

The name “labradorite” doesn’t hold any hints to how absolutely stunning this stone is. In a lot of ways, labradorite looks like an oil slick. That is because of something known as the schiller effect, which is where the light that reflects off the various colors on the outside of the stone actually reflects inward. This causes labradorite to look like it's glowing from the inside out and not just flashing back at you like most other stones. In this case, it’s referred to as labradorescence, and it’s one of the most amazing parts of this stone.

Some people even refer to labradorite as “Dragon’s Heart” due to its unique coloring. 

Labradorite Is A Reminder To Connect To The Spiritual World

Just like the way that labradorite reflects from the inside out, it can also help remind us that there is more out there than meets the eye. Instead of being stuck with only things that we can physically see and touch, the stone is an ever-present reminder that life has so many more mysteries, twists, and turns than we could ever even guess. 

While other stones are known for their ability to ground you to the present, labradorite likes to encourage us to continue to reach for the stars. While it’s not healthy to constantly live with your head in the clouds, a little reminder that it’s ok to have big dreams and not limit yourself to what you’ve always known is something we all need from time to time. 

That also extends to your own psychic abilities. If you have even a tiny spark of intuition, labradorite can help strengthen that ability so that you can grow it. 

Labradorite Can Help Open Up The Crown Chakra

Labradorite is one of the lucky stones that is directly related to a chakra. In this case, that is the crown chakra. 

When it comes to the chakras, the crown chakra is the last on the list. It is nominated on the top of the head and is referred to as the communication center. Instead of helping us to communicate with other people, the crown chakra helps us to communicate better with the spirit world (and our higher consciousness). You don’t have to be religious in order to believe in the idea of the universe and a flow of energy that we can’t see but can feel.

Labradorite may also be able to open up and empower the third eye chakra (the sixth chakra), which is located in the center of the forehead. This is the chakra of intuition and comprehension of things that we just seem to “know,” and is where a lot of people believe our psychic intuition comes from. 

The labradorite benefits also extend to being able to impact the aura, or the current of energy that surrounds the body. When you meditate with labradorite, it not only helps protect your aura from negative energy but also rebalances it so that you can feel a greater sense of peace and contentment. 

Some people also believe that labradorite can help you cleanse your aura of negativity, helping return you to a sense of peace. Consider using labradorite with other stones, like our Protection + Evil Eye Crystal Set, to help protect yourself both inside and out. 

Labradorite Helps You With Transformation

One of the many labradorite benefits is that it can help you truly transform your life in the ways that you’ve always wanted. If you’ve been having a hard time embracing change, especially the type of change that can really take your life up a level, grab a piece of labradorite. It can help you find the strength that you need to push through the hard parts of change so that you can get to a place where you’re happy and excited again. The possibilities really are endless, but you have to be willing to take the good with the bad to get there. 

A good way to use the labradorite benefits of transformation to help you is by using it in meditation. Specifically, this is helpful when it comes to mindfulness meditation. Sitting in quiet meditation with a piece of labradorite can help you sort through all the mixed feelings you may be having about change so that you can really understand your actual feelings. Change is hard for everyone, and you’re not alone in struggling to understand and deal with it, but labradorite can help make it just a little bit easier. 

Labradorite Can Encourage You To Reach Your True Potential

Just like power and change comes through embracing transformation, labradorite can help you embrace your true potential. Stop and think for a minute about what your most secret goal is… the one that you don’t tell people about. Do you want to learn how to fly a plane? Be a doctor? Write a bestseller? When you stop telling yourself that you can’t do something, you learn that you really can do anything that you set your mind to. 

Labradorite helps encourage you to really reach for your dreams, even the ones that you keep telling yourself are ridiculous. Your true power and potential are so much more than you give yourself credit for, but you’ll never get there if you keep writing yourself off. 

If you’re not sure what you really want, take some time to stop and think about it. When you daydream, what do you think about? Don’t put any limits on what you want, and don’t judge yourself for what may pop up. Just let it be. You may learn a lot more about who you really are when you stop shoving it down.

Labradorite Can Help You Sleep

If you’ve been having trouble slipping into dreamland, labradorite can help. It’s actually double-faceted in that it can help you to fall asleep easier and also help you truly embrace the power that your dreams can hold. There are a lot of people who believe that our dreams have the power to give us a lot of insight into the universe and our lives. A lucky few even have psychic dreams that give them a head’s up about the things that may happen in the future… both good and bad. When you sleep with a piece of labradorite near you, it can help you find peaceful, deep, restful sleep. 

It’s always a good idea to keep a sleep journal next to your bed, too. You’d be amazed at how quickly you will forget your dreams, even the ones that wake you up in a cold sweat. Writing them down gives you a little bit of space to be able to evaluate them, identify patterns, and be able to get even more insight into what your subconscious is doing while you sleep.

Labradorite Can Help Calm You Down

Have you been feeling extra anxious lately? Anxiety is a normal part of life, although it tends to happen in ebbs and flows. If you’ve been dealing with a period of higher anxiety that you can’t seem to get under control (anxiety can be like that), labradorite may be able to help you. Specifically, it has the ability to help you be able to stop that constantly running dialogue that tends to stream through your mind when you’re anxious. 

In addition, labradorite can help you to calm down your fears and insecurities. When they’re allowed to run out of control, they can really devastate your self-esteem and self-confidence and make you feel incredibly anxious. The real truth is that most of our fears are not based in reality and, when we acknowledge that and work to talk back to that inner voice that tries to keep us down, we can defeat that negativity and return to a greater sense of calm and peace. 

In Summary

The labradorite benefits extend in many different directions, like reminding you how much more is out there and helping you to sleep more peacefully. It also makes an excellent stone to add to any protection set. With the help of Chiji and being able to more easily understand what stones can help you with specific issues, you can feel more in control. While the universe always has surprises for us, it’s much easier to roll with them when you feel like you’re equipped to handle them. 


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