Create Your Space With Affordable Home Decor

Whether you are moving into your first home or you’ve moved so many times that you’ve lost count, there’s nothing quite like being able to fill a blank space with home decor that not only makes you happy but matches your vibe. However, you don’t want to break the bank while you do it. 

Luckily, CHIJI is here with some helpful tips so that you can create your own unique, personal space while using affordable home decor. Claim your space without spending all of your money.

Consider Changing Up Your Color Scheme

If you’ve ever been in a home that was designed and decorated a decade or two ago, you’ll know that color schemes come and go just like any other fashion trend. In fact, one of the things many designers look forward to the most at the beginning of a new year is Pantone’s release of their Color of the Year. This often drives the trends that are likely to happen throughout the year, in both home design and clothing design equally. For instance, in 2021, there were two colors named - a bright yellow called “Illuminating” as well as “Ultimate Gray.” 

What that means is that every year offers you the opportunity to try something new with your design scheme. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is by painting an accent wall with a pop of color. This will bring a little excitement to the room, and it won’t cost that much to do it. If you’re feeling especially bold, you may want to consider painting the entire room! We like accent walls because they are much easier to change up when you’re ready, and you don’t really have to change too much of your other design to fit.

Accessorize The Space

Instead of changing entire big pieces of furniture, like couches or beds, it’s often easier and less expensive to accessorize with your existing decor. While there are plenty of different ways to do this, adding a new blanket is one of the easiest.

Blankets, first and foremost, mean comfort. A big blanket, no matter where you use it, just screams coziness. It makes any room more welcoming, inviting people to spend more time in it. It can change up the whole feel of a room in no time flat, taking a room that is cold and infrequently used into a space for the entire family to relax. 

You can also use the color of the blanket to make a statement all on its own, or you can keep it classic and go with white. Keep in mind that white isn’t a color that those with pets or small children should take a risk with.

While changing up the blankets in a room, you can also consider changing up any throw pillows. You can match them to the blankets, or choose colors that may be complimentary. Learning more about the color wheel can be really helpful in this regard, because it makes choose colors that work together much easier.

Get New Art

Sometimes the art on your walls just starts to feel stale. It gets easy to get tired of looking at it, especially now that we’re spending so much more time in the house. However, that’s a great invitation to change up your artwork instead of just getting sick of it. Never exist in a space with art or other home decor that you don’t absolutely love, that doesn’t make you happy and bring you joy. This is your space, and it should feel comfortable and fill you with happy, positive vibes. 

Art doesn’t have to be expensive or traditional to be great for the space. Think outside of the box, and consider creating your own if you’re at all artistically inclined. Quotes also make perfect wall decor, and you can even paint (or have them painted) directly on the wall. It’s a great, inexpensive way to really create a space that really feels like your own.

Try a New Rug

Another inexpensive way to really change up and customize your home decor without spending your entire savings is to invest in a new rug. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you’ll just be walking all over. Keeping your rugs cute but inexpensive also means that you can change them up and switch them out as much as possible.

There are also newer rugs that were designed to be machine washable. This takes a lot of the stress out of your decision, especially if you live in a home that has pets, children, or both! Homes were meant to be lived in, instead of kept pristine and off-limits, and choosing a rug that both adds to your design aesthetic without being impossible to clean sends that message and takes a lot of stress off.

Try seasonal area rugs for the holidays, fluffier rugs in the winter, and thinner, brighter rugs in the summer. Who says you have to just choose one and stick with it?

Use Candles To Brighten Up Your Space

Every room can use more candles. The warm, flickering light of candles can really help warm up the vibe of the room, create a sense of romance, or even just make it seem more home-y and comforting. There’s a reason that candles have been used in homes since as far back as we can remember, not just to light up the home but to lighten it up as well.

Just like the times have changed, candles have changed as well. One of the most interesting trends in candles that has happened in the past few years is the idea of crystal energy candles. With crystal energy candles, they still provide all of that warmth and comfort that “regular” candles give to the space. However, their benefits don’t stop there!

Each crystal energy candle is filled with a 100% natural soy wax mixed with a complex and interesting scent profile specific to the intention that each candle was made with. That makes it clean burning for about 50 hours. The surprise comes as you burn them. Every candle is mixed with a specific combination of crystals that were designed to help boost the candle’s goals, whether that is to help give you more confidence, fill your space with peace, or help celebrate new beginnings. There are multiple small crystals, as well as a larger central crystal that can be kept and used afterward.

It’s important to do everything in life with intention, including your home decor. When you add a crystal energy candle to your space, you help attract whatever specific vibes you’re looking for. Your home should be your safe space, and preparing that space with a goal can really help that.

Other Ways To Create Your Space

In addition to really honing in on your own decor style and creating a space that feels like an extension of you, there are other ways to make sure that your space feels like your own.

One of the most important ways to do that is to sage your space on a regular basis. This should always be done when moving into a new space, as well as any time the energy in your place just starts to feel a bit… off. Think of saging as a form of practicing “spiritual hygiene,” clearing out any bad energy and replacing it with neutral or even positive energy. This is important the longer you live in a place, and especially if you’ve gone through any major life changes.

The best part is, sage is inexpensive and easy to use. Simply open up the windows of your home, light your sage bundle, and walk clockwise through the entire home. This can not only help clean the space on a physical level (it has been shown to actually kill bacteria), but also help clear out bad energy and vibes. You’ll be left with a space that just feels lighter and happier.

Another way to really create and command your space is to work to find ways to clean up the clutter. Many people believe that a busy, messy space is a sign of a busy, messy mind. When you find inexpensive ways to include organization in your home decor, you can help remove some of that clutter (both physically and mentally). There are plenty of ways to do this without taking away from your personal design aesthetic, and you may be surprised at just how different your space may feel without all of the extra stuff lying around.

In Summary…

When it comes to finding affordable home decor, CHIJI has your back. We can help you create a space that feels like you, that represents you, and that makes you want to spend more time there. Plus, you’ll have extra money that you can spend on your own self-care. Home really is where the heart is, and it should be a place that reflects your soul as well.  


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