How Crystals for Fertility Can Help With Pregnancy

The decision to have a baby may be one of the hardest decisions there is. For some, getting pregnant is just something that happens to them. For others, it takes work to get pregnant. While there is no replacement for medical care, especially when it comes to those having trouble with fertility, there’s absolutely no shame in wanting to seek help in other places as well. 

At Chiji, we specialize in ways that people can attract the things toward them that they are seeking (and repel the things that mean them harm). If you’re looking for alternate ways to give your fertility a boost, we want to help in any way that we can.

Crystals for Fertility

When it comes to the way that crystals work for fertility, it’s similar to the way they benefit the rest of the body. The right crystals help to remove blockages all throughout the body, whether they are physical or emotional. 

For years, scientists have researched the ways that both are connected. A good example is the relationship between stress and infertility. While there is no official correlation, there is little doubt that the two often exist side by side. You must treat one to help treat the other. With that in mind, here are some of the best crystals for fertility, and why we believe they can be beneficial.


The first crystal on the list is carnelian. Carnelian is a beautiful deep orange-brown color and is known for a variety of different, high-energy benefits. It is commonly referred to as being the artist’s stone and is often used to boost confidence.

When it comes to using it for fertility, the key is the chakra that it is most closely attuned to. Carnelian is said to help activate and clear the sacral chakra, which is the second chakra of the seven that run up and down our core. 

If you’re unfamiliar with chakras, they are swirling energy centers (or vortexes) that allow energy both in and out. They can often become blocked or clogged, which can have major repercussions on the areas that they control. The sacral chakra is well known for being the chakra that controls the sexual organs, both male and female. The color associated with it is orange, much like carnelian. 

When you use carnelian to help cleanse and open the sacral chakra, you’re also helping to open up your sexuality. This chakra is in charge of sexual urges, which are obviously an important part of getting in the right mood to get pregnant in the first place. 

It is located in the lower abdomen about an inch or two below the navel. Placing a piece of carnelian over the chakra while you lay on your back can help your libido be in a place to improve fertility. You can even do this on a nightly basis before you and your partner are intimate.

Green Jade

When you’re trying to get pregnant, you know it isn’t just about the sex. If you’re trying to have a baby with a partner, it’s also about how you feel about each other. Being in love and wanting to share that love with someone else is a pretty big deal, and green jade can help. You’re likely familiar with the stone as being decorative. Mostly, green jade is related to feelings of peace, tranquility, and harmony. 

When you use green jade to help open the heart chakra, you open yourself up to a wide range of possible benefits. An open heart really is the key to the world. The heart chakra is so much more than just love, though. As the fourth chakra in the series, it connects the bottom three chakras (which are more concerned with the physical body) and the top three (which are more concerned with higher things). 

The end result is a whole-body approach to being able to conceive; one that involves the physical aspect as well as the love and openness required to bring a child into a world.

Also, as we discussed, stress is an unfortunate component when trying to conceive. With every month that goes by without a positive test, the stress has a tendency to build and build. Ultimately, that stress begins to tell you to give up, that you can’t do it. 

Having a way to negate stress can help clear out those negative thoughts that only hold you back. Green jade can help you get on with the business of making a baby!


Moonstone is one of the most gorgeous stones there is, which is why it is so coveted for jewelry and other aesthetic reasons. However, moonstone is powerful without all of that beauty, too! Its benefits, at least when it comes to fertility, come with its common nickname (the stone of new beginnings). Some people also refer to moonstone as being the woman’s healing stone. 

The moon is commonly thought of as being most aligned with feminine energy, which is why moonstone has power over that same energy. The moon is also considered to rule the menstrual cycle, as well as related hormones and metabolic issues.

When you are able to balance those issues out, with the help of medical providers as well as alternatives, you can track your fertility and know the best times that you can conceive successfully. 

When you use moonstone to help increase your fertility during a full moon, that power is amplified even further. Also, once the baby is born, many believe that moonstone can help make the transition to breastfeeding easier as well. It’s also possible that the stone can help with the childbirth process. Seems at least worth a try!

Moonstone is excellent when used in combination with other crystals known for their help with new beginnings and abundance (in every sense of the world). One of our crystal sets, the Abundance and New Beginnings set, contains moonstone, green jade, grey agate, aventurine, and amazonite. Working with them one at a time, or using them together, can create a major change in your outlook. 


The idea of your entire life changing is terrifying, to say the least. As ready as you think you are, being faced with having all of your priorities shift and not being the center of your world anymore is enough to freak anyone out. 

While that’s a normal part of the conception process, it is also enough to scare people away from really trying. This can be especially true for people who have experienced issues with their fertility, and it can stop you before you even begin.

That’s where rhodonite comes in. Known as the rescue stone, rhodonite is also connected with the heart chakra (just like green jade). Arguably, though, rhodonite is even more powerful. Instead of just helping you to quiet your fears, the stone can help you to look them in the face and work through them. 

Everyone knows that you can’t just continue to shove your negative feelings back down. Eventually, they come out whether you want them to or not! Working through your negativity can help you get to a better place so that you’re ready when your baby is ready to join you.

A good way to include rhodonite in your attempt to break through your own walls is in mindfulness meditation. When you sit quietly while holding a piece and focus on the present moment, including allowing your thoughts and feelings to bubble up and then letting them pass, you can learn to see your thoughts as the temporary things that they are. 

This allows you to not get too attached, especially when you’re feeling particularly negative about things. A few deep breaths and it will all pass so that you can do what you need to do to achieve your dreams. 

In Summary

Crystals for fertility can be another way to support your journey toward a happy, successful pregnancy and beyond. When you know which ones to use to reach your goals, and how you can use them to help you, you’re well on your way. If you need a boost, our crystals (like the Pure Love + Confidence set) can help you. 

Crystals can help you in all avenues of your life; in fact, that is a major reason why we created Chiji in the first place. We’re here for you and we believe in you. Now all you have to do is learn how to believe in yourself.


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