Our NEW Crystal Energy Candles

The winter brings snow, holiday music, and gift-giving festivities for all. It also heralds the beginning of a new year and new possibilities.

But winter also brings darkness, cold, and isolation for many, particularly in this current climate. It can be more difficult than usual to maintain a positive or reinforcing environment in your home: the one place you expect to be free from negative thoughts and energies.

Although winter can be tough, we also know that candles and meditation crystals offer peace and security for many. That’s why we produce Crystal Energy Candles at Chiji, focusing on combining the benefits of boosting and calming fragrances with the energy magnifying and reflecting powers of certain stones.

Of course, just any fragrance won’t do, and crystal selection is of the utmost importance. There’s an art to creating crystal-infused candles with the power to affect change and provide comfort in the dark of winter, which is why we took careful pains when creating each of our offerings.

This winter, however, we’ve also created a new collection of Crystal Energy Candles that we feel can drive back the glumness and negative energy brought about by winter’s harsh conditions. We’re excited to give you a first look at these effective crystal candle creations, so let’s get started.

Fill your home with fragrances full of positive energy.

For many of us, our homes are sanctuaries against a world that can all too often be uncomfortable and harsh. Many of us also bring our negative energy or experiences home when we walk through the door, dragging negativity into our private spaces like secondhand smoke.

It’s important to fortify your home against the unhappy thoughts and energies that can all too easily collect from a long day at work, a stressful class, or even the ambient shadow of the winter season. That’s why scented candles – bolstered with energy-enhancing or reflecting crystals – can be such a benefit.

Chiji already provides a number of high-quality candles to help fill your home with positive fragrances and maximize positive energy. But our previous collection is no longer novel, and we know it’s often helpful to have new scents to try and new combinations of fragrances and powerful crystals.

That’s why we created a new collection of Crystal Energy Candles just for you.

Four candles to ward off the winter darkness and negative energy.

Allow us to introduce four new Crystal Energy Candles, each with distinct scents and new crystal combinations. These offer exciting and powerful ways to alter the energies of your home, protect your spirit against harmful energy, and improve your positive feelings and qualities.

Like our last collection, each of our new Crystal Energy Candles is designed for a specific purpose, which can be seen in the fragrances produced in the included crystals. This allows you to choose the perfect candle for your needs or based on your scent preferences.

Alternatively, you can purchase our entire new Chiji Crystal Energy Candle collection and try each candle out individually. Interested? Let’s break down each candle in this new collection in more detail.



Confidence Crystal Energy Candle

First and foremost is the Confidence Crystal Energy Candle. We know how tough it can be to maintain self-confidence in a world that’s already hard enough. But this scented candle is infused with miniature Lapis crystals – ideal stones for providing wisdom and truth, enabling self-expression, and helping you to acquire the confidence you need to be honest, authentic, and compassionate.

Additional crystals, including Citrine and Clear Quartz, act as amplifiers, healers, and brighteners to clear away harmful energy. As confidence is key for succeeding in most of life’s endeavors, it’s no stretch to say that Confidence may be among the most potentially powerful Crystal Energy Candles we’ve ever created.

Furthermore, Confidence is a perfect choice for fans of musky and sweet scent profiles. Light this just once, and your home will be filled with the invigorating and fortifying fragrances of tobacco and vanilla: a combination that both men and women will likely appreciate.



Evil Eye Crystal Energy Candle

Of course, sometimes you need a capable defense against the darkness the winter months can bring. Evil Eye Crystal Energy Candle is an ideal shield designed with Black Obsidian: a powerful stone that can help to remove negative energy and pain inside. All that newly freed space can then be filled with positive energy for long-lasting benefits.

Evil Eye also includes Clear Quartz for healing, Sodalite for emotional balance, Labradorite to raise your consciousness, and Grey Agate: a final stone to harmonize your energies and help you feel solid and secure even in the face of struggle.

With a scent profile including spices, cloves, and amber, Evil Eye is an ideal candle for meditation during nights when it seems too dark before dawn.



New Beginnings Crystal Energy Candle

Not all of our new candles are focused on the present. Some are focused on harmonizing you with the future, like our New Beginnings Crystal Energy Candle. Thanks to its included crystals and rich, nature-focused fragrances (including scents reminiscent of herbs, figs, and other greens), it can help you focus on your goals and bright new horizons come spring.

Though Black Obsidian returns again, we’ve also included Moonstone: the stone of fertility and spring. Alongside its enhancements for love and good fortune, stones like Grey Agate and Rose Quartz will help you balance your energies and celebrate your own value and quality. Confidence is necessary for any successful future endeavor!

Amazonite rounds out this candle’s effects, encouraging even greater fortune and good luck with whatever you decide to do with your life. Ultimately, New Beginnings is a perfect candle for those dreaming of a bright tomorrow.



Peace Crystal Energy Candle

Our Peace Crystal Energy Candle is last, but certainly not least, harnessing the powers of multiple effective stones for maximum benefits. Angelite offers exceptional protection to the body, helping you to ward away negative energies and self-doubt – there’s a reason that healers prioritize it.

But Fluorite is included as well. By encouraging rest for your spirit, you'll be reinvigorated to face new, daily challenges with the vigor and confidence required. Clear Quartz bolsters this effect, offering additional healer energies and amplifying the other two crystals' effects.

Thanks to fragrances like Ambery, Citrus, and Marine, Peace can help your home become a comfortable, meditative place of relaxation and recuperation. It’s an excellent candle for those whose homes are their enclaves against the world.

Perhaps best of all, each of our candles comes with larger crystals to meditate with. Use these to maximize the effects of each energy candle’s included stones or as focusing tools to bolster your meditation efforts.

As each candle is made from high-quality, 100% soy wax, they’ll burn for 48-50 hours each: enough time to enjoy lasting comfort, protection, or enhancement. Soy wax ensures that the candles only burn cleanly, and each candle in this collection, as with our last, is produced with excellent materials. All fragrances are produced following strict IRFA testing to prevent toxicity from affecting your meditation.

The candles’ gray glass exteriors act as smoky and mysterious shells that help to reflect and embolden the light that shines from each wick. At just 7 ounces or 200 grams each, our candles are perfect picks for placing on small shelves, on your desk, or anywhere else that works for your unique space and aesthetic.

Don’t let this winter season bring you down. Try our newest collection of Crystal Energy Candles and empower yourself with renewed self-confidence, ward away harmful energies, invite good fortune into your life, and bring balance to your home.