How to Tap Into Your Psychic Development

All of us have a hidden, inner source of knowledge. Have you ever just “felt” something before it happened? Had a bad feeling about a person, place, or situation? That’s your innate psychic wisdom trying to talk to you!

Intuition is like any other muscle. To utilize it to the fullest, you have to take the time to build it up to the level you’re hoping to achieve. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to attain psychic development, you can’t just head to the gym. 

But, don’t worry. You’re not on your own. All of us at Chiji believe in you! We want you to become the best version of yourself, so we have a few tips for how you can tap into your own psychic abilities. Now get out there and give it a shot.

Types of Psychic Abilities

If you’ve never explored psychic development before, you may have a mental picture in your head of what it will entail. Are you worried you’re going to have to rush out and grab crystal balls or tarot cards? While those can be powerful tools, especially for people with more advanced psychic abilities, they are not necessary to explore your own power. 

There also isn’t just one way that you can be intuitive. Just like there are five senses — smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch — there are different ways that you can pick up information. Here are just a few of the many types of psychic abilities. Do any of them sound like you?


Clairvoyance is likely the most well-known type of psychic ability out there. The word comes from the French language and means “clear-sighted.” 

People with clairvoyance can see things beyond the normal plane of existence. They may be able to see visions of the future (usually just snippets), psychic energies/auras, or even things that may have happened in the past.


Clairaudience takes the same basic premise as clairvoyance but applies it to the sense of hearing. Clairaudient people often hear messages from the spirit realm or higher beings, but some can also listen to people’s thoughts. Clairaudience is also closely tied to telepathy.


Psychic abilities can also extend to feelings. With clairsentience, people may be able to feel people’s energy or emotions. For some, this involves needing to touch that person physically. For others, just touching an object allows them to feel what its previous owner was feeling.

There are just a few, but we’re willing to bet that you already connect with one of them. Although we’ll present general ways to tap into your psychic development process, you can apply our tips to whichever way you best interpret information. Ready to get started?

Daily Practice Is Essential

Daily practice is crucial to true psychic development regardless of which type of psychic abilities you connect with or if you’re still trying to figure that all out. 

Going back to the muscle analogy — if you were trying to bulk up your biceps, for instance, would you get there if you didn’t lift weights regularly? Probably not, and the same goes for psychic abilities. 

However, daily practice can take a lot of different forms. We’d recommend that you start slow and build up, just like going to the gym. It doesn’t have to be long and involved, either. While you wouldn’t be “sore” if you went too hard at first with your psychic development exercises, you are far more likely to get burnt out and give up when you don’t develop as soon as you’d like. 

A Method of Daily Practice

One way of doing this is similar to a condition you may have heard of called synesthesia. People with synesthesia experience one sense through another. For instance, the color green may have a taste. To work on your psychic abilities, let’s take a page from their playbook. 

Think of your basic, uncomplicated emotions — happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, or disgust. Now try to assign each one of them a color. The color can be any that you choose, but make sure that it makes sense to you. Many people think of sadness as being the color blue, for example. 

Then, think of a situation that has happened to you recently. Did you meet someone that you were immediately romantically attracted to? Did you have a big fight with your partner? While remembering the situation, also think of the color that best represents how you were feeling. 

While this may take some time to perfect, over time, your unconscious mind (where your psychic abilities usually dwell) will make the connection and start to assign colors to things happening in the present moment. The best part is that psychic development allows you to “see” those colors in situations that don’t directly involve you.

Perform “Environmental Scans”

If you’re ready to take your psychic abilities out into the wild, a great place to start is by performing environmental scans. Not only are they easy to practice, but you can also perform them without drawing any attention to yourself. 

Starting in the center of the room, just look around. Some people prefer to walk around the room, which is also acceptable. Pay attention to any sights, smells, and sounds. Do any areas of the room immediately draw you in? Are there any that make you feel uncomfortable? 

After doing a preliminary scan, do another one and direct your attention to smaller areas like corners or windows. You can do these environmental scans anywhere you are, whether in a vehicle, in your own home, or out at dinner. 

The point of scanning areas in this way is to help hone your psychic abilities to pick up on energy and feelings. That also means that you’ll be more sensitive to even the most subtle shifts in those energy and emotions. 

Environmental scans are an excellent first step toward astral projection if you are interested in developing your psychic abilities. Astral projection is the ability to manifest your own out-of-body experience willingly. However, it may take years to develop completely. 


One last way to work on your psychic development is by finding a way to be more in touch with yourself. To survive in this world, it often becomes essential to disconnect yourself from how you feel. We plod down the same roads, day after day, not stopping to think about what our emotions are doing. 

This mind-body disconnect can be a significant factor in why we are so removed from our innate psychic abilities. Finding ways to reconnect with ourselves in that way allows us to reattach two parts of a whole so that we can live more complete, full lives. 

To help, try meditation. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, the process will help you break down any walls that may be holding you back. Keep in mind that it is called a practice for a reason. It’s not as easy as just sitting with your eyes closed and relaxing. You’ll have to put active work into keeping your mind from wandering.

Try a Full-Body Scan

An excellent way to work toward this is by performing a full-body scan. First, find a comfortable position, which can be either you laying down or sitting up. 

Then, starting at either your head or toes, move slowly through your body with your mind. Focus momentary attention on the areas you pass, just noting how it feels and any pain or discomfort there. Don’t judge, don’t try to fix anything, just acknowledge it and move on. If thoughts come, let them pass by like clouds without giving them any emotion. 

You can also incorporate crystals into your meditation practice to take it up a level. Clear quartz is the perfect place to start (we have one in our Pure Love and Confidence crystal set). To use one, lay comfortably on your back and place a cleansed stone over your third eye located on the middle of your forehead. Imagine any fogginess or darkness surrounding the area, dispersing and fading away while your chakra is opening up.

There is no mandatory minimum or maximum time to meditate. Sit long enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something, but not so long that you’re feeling frustrated. The goal isn’t to get rid of all of your thoughts (pro tip: that’s not possible) but to be able to move past conscious thinking so that you can focus on the moment. 

In Summary

Tapping into your psychic development isn’t just possible; it’s something that anyone can do with the right know-how. Everyone has an innate psychic ability ready to be tapped into, and the sky's the limit with how far you can take it. 

Whether you are performing an environmental scan, connecting your emotions with colors, or using a Chiji crystal to open up your third-eye chakra during meditation, we’re with you every step of the way. We believe in you, now get out there and learn how to believe in yourself. You’ve got this. 


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