Rhodonite Meaning: What Are Its Healing Properties And Uses?

Have you ever wondered about what rhodonite is and what rhodonite meanings and uses may relate more specifically to your unique situation? Working with it on its own or as a supplement to one of Chiji’s Crystal Energy Sets is a great way to open up your heart and learn to heal. 

Each different rhodonite meaning can be used separately or used in combination to help you move forward from whatever you are going through into a healthier, happier, more joyful place. Here’s how.

The Fundamentals Of Rhodonite

Before getting into the spiritual and metaphysical properties of rhodonite, let’s first discuss the physical. The name rhodonite is actually a word that comes from the Greek word for “rose,” a fact that refers to the color of the stone. The stone is made mainly of manganese silicate, with magnesium, calcium, and iron mixed in. The change in color near the surface of the gemstone is likely due to the way that those elements oxidize when they are exposed to air.

Rhodonite is sometimes referred to as the “rescue” stone because it is closely associated with a variety of different healing abilities, from the emotional to the spiritual. If you’re looking for a gemstone that can help you find compassion, even in your pain, look no further. 

Rhodonite And Astrology

While rhodonite isn’t specifically connected with any birthstone in particular, it does still have some connection with some of the astrological signs

Rhodonite has, not surprisingly, been connected with Libras (those born between September 23rd and October 21st). Rhodonite’s beautiful pink color and connection with love and the heart physically represent so much of who Libras are and what they stand for. The stone is almost a physical representation of the Libran personality. 

The stone is also especially powerful for people born under the sun sign of Taurus (between April 20th and May 20th). Taurus is an earth sign, meaning they feel more comfortable when they know their feet are firmly on the ground. Rhodonite is great to help the Taurus feel more grounded while also helping remind them that a little light and levity is a good thing. 

Rhodonite’s Healing Properties

Rhodonite is known for its ability to help you heal, especially on an emotional level, which is why it has earned the nickname of the “rescue stone.” However, rhodonite is good for so much more than that and can help you in numerous other ways. Each rhodonite meaning equals a different yet equally important way of being able to heal and move forward in the world with less baggage. 

Rhodonite For Heart Healing

Rhodonite is best known for its ability to impact the heart, both on a physical and a metaphysical level. When you use rhodonite to help with heart healing, you help your heart to grow both wiser and bigger. You can work toward healing any heartbreak that you may have had, whether that came from a partner or a family member, which leaves you in a more wide-open place emotionally. 

The stone can also help you to see things more clearly when it comes to the end of relationships. Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and acknowledging it so that you can move forward, learn from it, and grow is one of the ways rhodonite can help.

Rhodonite For Spiritual Healing And Calm

When your heart feels clear and full of love and joy, it can naturally help to make you feel more solid in the world. When combined with rhodonite’s ability to help heal the user from heartbreak, it can also help promote feelings of calm and stability. It can also help to increase your feelings of self-worth and well-being, which makes you feel more grounded in reality and happy with who you are and where you’re at. 

When you activate the rhodonite meaning of spiritual healing and calm, it also helps to promote feelings of physical calm as well. That energy is contagious, making people around you feel calmer too. 

Rhodonite For Clearer Communication

Rhodonite is also excellent for helping to promote clearer communication, especially between people in a relationship. Communication is one of the most important, if not the most important, keys to having a loving, successful, long-term relationship. Without communication, you’re likely to experience hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and unnecessarily fighting.

The stone can also help you communicate more deeply and honestly with yourself. Although you may have a constant running dialogue in your head, that doesn’t mean that you really understand yourself. When you are able to tap into that sense of true communication, and learn to heal from any underlying trauma that may be there, you will be able to walk through life more easily without having to worry about any unnecessary hurdles. 

Rhodonite For Creating Joy

While rhodonite doesn’t directly create joy, it is a positive side effect of the way that it can help you heal and grow. With a more wide-open heart and understanding of how to view things without judgement, your ability to see all of the joyful things in your life increases immensely. This naturally increases your joy in general. 

The possibilities are endless and, once you’ve cleared out anything that doesn’t bring you joy, you’ll be able to lead the life that you’ve always wanted. 

The Uses Of Rhodonite

Much like with any other gemstone, rhodonite is great to help amplify meditation. We all know just how powerful meditation can be and how dramatically learning how to sit peacefully and live in the present moment can be. But rhodonite (or any other stone from one of Chiji’s Crystal Energy Sets) helps to increase the potential of where true meditation and mindfulness can take you. 

The best way to use it is by choosing one that aligns the most with what you’re trying to achieve. Rhodonite is best if you’re trying to focus on opening up your heart and approaching your life with calm and joy. With this type of meditation, you can either sit upright or lay quietly on your back in an area you are less likely to be disturbed. Hold your piece of rhodonite in your hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Try to feel the energy of the stone in your hand and focus on what it feels like to you. 

While people have their opinions about what rhodonite is best for and how it can help, the most important thing to do is to find out what it means for you. Each stone has its own energy and vibe, which can help you connect with it and work with it more successfully. 

Rhodonite is also great when worn on the body. Not only is it physically beautiful, but it is also a great reminder to always keep an open heart, no matter what life throws at you. If you wear it on a longer chain, one that sits around the heart chakra, it will work to remind you of the importance of love, joy, and true connection on an unconscious level. You can also place it around your home or office, especially in the bedroom or anywhere that you find yourself needing help with communication the most. 

Rhodonite And Chakras

Chakras are an essential part of what makes us who we are. According to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, chakras are “concentrated energy centers” that are located in the center of the body, from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Each refers to a different set of traits. If that chakra is blocked or closed, those traits may not be expressed (or their opposite traits may come out). There are seven main chakras in total, and each is associated with certain colors, elements, gemstones, and more.

When it comes to rhodonite, it is very closely related to the heart chakra (the 4th chakra, sometimes referred to as Anahata). This chakra is located in the center of the chest and is where all things “heart” come from, both physically and spiritually. 

To help open up the heart chakra, use meditation. This works best when you’re lying on your back, putting a piece of rhodonite directly over the chakra. Focus your intention on your heart, both physically or spiritually, and envision it being open. Spend as long as you need here, and move out of your heart chakra meditation and into the world with joy.

In Summary

If your heart is feeling broken and you’re in need of some healing, turn to rhodonite. Whether you choose to work with the stone individually or as a complement to one of Chiji’s Crystal Energy Sets (like our Pure Love + Confidence Crystal Set), you’ll wonder how you were able to go on without it for so long. When you move in the world with intention, working to open your heart and approach all things with joy, that energy will rub off on those around you as well.


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