Opalite Meaning: What Are Its Healing Properties And Uses?

Opalite doesn’t often get as much attention as its more recognizable sibling, opal. While opalite is usually man-made, it can be just as useful as any other stone when you know what its strengths are and how to use it appropriately. It can help to bring you a sense of peace, help you communicate, and even deepen your spirituality, much like Chiji’s Peace Crystal Energy Candle. Sound like something you could use more of in your life? We think so.

What Is Opalite And What Is It Made Of?

Opalite doesn’t come naturally from the ground, like other gemstones. It has been specifically crafted with resin to mimic the beauty of opal while being able to maintain its own unique identity. You may also hear it referred to as sea glass, sea opal, or opal moonstone. 

However, there is a variety of opalite that is called the common opal that can be found in nature. It is not nearly as colorful as an opal, which is why it isn’t used nearly as often as the manufactured opalite and traditional opal are.

Opalite, as a general rule, comes in very similar colors to traditional opals. They can be opalescent or pearly, and they even come with a play-of-color that can make it difficult to identify as being man-made. The two most frequent colors in opalite are blue and white, which many people think of as being related to the snow and the water and the simplicity of the natural world.

The Healing Properties Of Opalite

Although opalite isn’t a natural gemstone, it is still attached to a few specific healing qualities. Part of its appeal is that it is considered to be a neutral stone, so it picks up and amplifies not only what you’re looking for but also the properties of any stones that are around it. 

Opalite Is Great For Communication

Opalite is said to be great for communication, but what type? While it is helpful for physical forms of communication, like the way that we relate to the other people in our lives, it is even more helpful with spiritual communication. This doesn’t have to mean “religious,” but more with the ability to connect with the energy that is constantly in motion around us. 

Opalite Is a Mood Booster

If you’re in need of a mood boost or some help counteracting a negative attitude, opalite can help. The neutrality of opalite helps create a sense of balance, which can help right any wrong mood. It can also help realign the chakras and help you feel more anchored in reality, which can remind you how lucky you really are. It stabilizes your energy so that you can focus on the good things in life, which naturally helps to increase your attitude and make you feel better about where you’re at. 

Opalite Helps You Appreciate The Small Things

Much like how opalite can help with your mood, it can also be a reminder that you need to take a moment to appreciate the small things in life. While we often get caught up in the big things, both good and bad, it’s the small things that really make up our day-to-day lives. Once you can be more mindful and focus on them and how amazing they are, you’ll be able to have a greater appreciation for your life overall.

Opalite Helps You Find New Beginnings

Its ability to help people find the joy and power in new beginnings is what makes it such a popular stone in the modern world. A lot of the other stones associated with that potential are difficult to find and can be expensive. When you’re ready to make a big change in your life, why spend extra money to do it? Because opalite is manmade, it is also far cheaper to purchase and use to help you do what needs to be done to move forward in your life.

Opalite Helps You Find Peace

Peace is hard to come from, especially at certain points in your life. When you work with opalite, it helps you find that peace and tranquility, mostly by providing you with an important sense of balance.

Besides finding a sense of peace in your waking life, opalite can also help you find peace in your sleep. Its natural, soothing properties may be able to help you drift off to sleep more easily and stay asleep without having to deal with as many nightmares. 

Using Opalite

Using opalite is dependent on what you plan on using it for and what feels right to you. That said, there is one way to use nearly any stone that can help bring out its unique, special power… meditation

Meditation is amazing, even without the amplification of a gemstone. When you meditate regularly, it can even help you lower your blood pressure and reduce pain. If you’re not familiar with meditation, it is a practice that helps connect the mind and the body together. That way, instead of spending so much time thinking about things in the past that you can’t change or worrying about things that may possibly happen in the future, you can live more mindfully in the present. When you live with mindfulness, you’re also fully present in your own life (and the lives of the important people around you).

When you meditate with a gemstone, like opalite, that natural focus is amplified toward whatever it is you’re working on. All you need is a quiet place to sit where you are able to feel relaxed and comfortable without being disturbed. Some people like to hold their stone in their hand while they meditate, focusing on the energy that they can feel coming from it. Others like to place it directly on the chakra that aligns most closely with their specific issue (which we’ll discuss more in a minute).

You can also use opalite by spending some time practicing self-care. So many of its properties are meant to help with reminding you to live more in the moment, and what better way to do that than by also taking care of yourself? Try turning your phone off and taking a bath with a Chiji Crystal Energy Candle. Focus on how you feel, and don’t let yourself be distracted by other things. It’s these moments that can really help us to learn who we are and what we need in order to live our best lives. 

Opalite For Specific Astrological Signs

While its neutrality means that anyone can work with or use opalite in their personal lives, there are a few astrological signs that may be able to relate to it on a deeper level. 

Take Libras, for instance. Not only is opal one of the commonly accepted birthstones of those born in this sign (roughly from September 23rd to October 22nd), it also helps further that sense of balance that Libras are known for. Opalite can also help Libras learn to more effectively communicate with the people close to them, which can be tricky for this indecisive sign. 

Opalite is also helpful for those born under the sign of Cancer (June 22nd to July 23rd). While the reason is different than with Libras, Cancers are also known for having difficulty in communicating their true feelings. Opalite helps with this, as well as helping them to truly be able to connect with people in an authentic way.

The Chakras Associated With Opalite

Even though opalite isn’t an “official” stone of any specific chakra, there are two that it is more helpful with because of its skillset - the crown chakra (on the top of the head) and the third eye chakra (in the middle of the forehead).  

The crown chakra is the center of our highest level of awareness and consciousness. While many people believe that the crown chakra is never able to be fully opened, using opalite can at least help to clear some of the blockages that may be holding you back from living more authentically. 

The way that opalite can also help clear and open up the third eye chakra is due to its ability to help with intuition and insight. Although the third eye chakra is most closely associated with psychic powers, its true power is in the ability to help us see things from a well-rounded perspective. Peace, balance, and harmony is the ultimate goal of an open third eye chakra.  

In Conclusion

Opalite may be manmade, but that doesn’t reduce its ability to be able to provide a sense of peace, balance, and appreciation in your life. When you’re able to exist more in the present and not worry so much about the strife that may be occurring, you’ll naturally learn to pay attention to the little things (like taking a bath with a Chiji Peace Crystal Energy). These are the moments that really count in life, after all. 


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