Sodalite Benefits and Properties

Sodalite is one of the most interesting and potentially powerful stones that you likely haven’t heard of or used before. Not only is it stunningly colored, but the diverse sodalite benefits are excellent for anyone… whether you’re new to using stones or have been enjoying their advantages for years. 

Chiji believes very strongly that each of us has our own unique destiny and path to walk on, and having as much knowledge about the ways available to help us along can help us find it with far less frustration. 

Sodalite Basics

Right from the beginning, it’s obvious how beautiful sodalite is. So beautiful, in fact, that it is a favorite of my gem hobbyists and collectors, even those who are unaware of its many metaphysical benefits. 

Most of the time, sodalite comes in a beautiful blue color with white deposits that run all throughout the stone, giving it a marbled appearance. This makes it appear similar to lapis lazuli without being exactly the same. The main difference is that sodalite is darker blue than lapis lazuli, but they do contain many of the same properties.

Sodalite Benefits: Communication

One of the most powerful benefits that sodalite offers is the way that it can positively impact communication. Specifically, the stone can help to enhance communication by making it easier for you to actually talk about how you feel. So many times, we take the easy way out, even when asked. Not wanting to rock the boat with your feelings may be easier in the short term but, over time, it really starts to work against you. 

Being able to effectively communicate your feelings is a much more straightforward way for you to make decisions and build relationships with the people around you. When you use sodalite to help you with your communication skills, it will boost your own power and confidence level. That way, you can speak your truth clearly.

However, that’s not the only way that sodalite can help you with your communication. Besides helping you feel brave enough to speak up, the stone can also help you understand yourself a little better. When you’re able to take that breath and think before you speak, it seriously helps to prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding. It also helps you learn to trust yourself, which builds your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

If you struggle with anger, sodalite can help you with that, too. Its placid, calming energy can have a soothing effect on the entire body and help you take a step back. Once you have space, you can evaluate whether what is triggering you is really worth losing your cool over and what you can do to help reduce your anger and understand things better. 

Sodalite Can Help You Be More Logical

In addition to helping you develop your communication skills, both with yourself and with others, sodalite is also often referred to as the “logic” stone. Many people believe that the stone is helpful if you’re interested in pondering the deeper nature of life. It’s a stone of philosophy, at looking not just at life but also what it may mean. 

Sodalite can help you remember that connecting yourself with the universe on a deeper level and not taking things at face value can help you feel more at peace and at one with humanity as a whole. It can wake you up and help you understand that there is far more to the way things work than what appears on the surface, and figuring some of that out can really change your entire perspective. 

To really be an empathetic, kind, understanding human being, it’s important that you’re able to see things from other people’s point of view too. Sodalite can definitely help you with that if you’re ready. 

Sodalite Corresponds To The Third Eye Chakra

When it comes to sodalite’s relationship to chakras, it is most closely aligned with the sixth chakra, commonly referred to as the third eye chakra. It starts with the color of sodalite, which is close to the color that corresponds with the chakra (indigo). You’re probably already familiar with the idea of the third eye, which is usually spoken about in the same way that ESP and other psychic intuition. When open, the third eye chakra can help you connect more deeply with your internal guidance, the type that connects you with the universe as a whole. 

To activate the sodalite benefits of opening up and clearing the third eye chakra, try some focused meditation with the stone sitting in the middle of your forehead. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on your third eye. Does it feel like it is clear, or does it feel more cloudy? Is it easy to keep your focus on it, or does your attention seem to fluctuate when you try? Whatever happens, the goal is to try to gain insight and allow your third eye to open as much as possible. Then, with a more open third eye, pay as much attention as possible to what your intuition may be telling you. 

To continue that work outside of your meditation space, wear a piece of sodalite on you or keep it around you in your personal space. You can also keep a piece with you when you use other forms of divination like tarot cards or runes. It helps you to clear out all of the excess thinking, so you can focus on what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Sodalite Can Help Calm You Down

Much like its deep, blue color, sodalite benefits extend to helping you calm down and reduces your anxiety. Let’s be honest. Anxiety is a very real part of life for so many of us. It can be hard to know what to do when it strikes because it really does take over our entire lives. When you use sodalite, it can help you to take some of that control back. It gives you the space to be able to learn how to calm yourself down and the ability to be able to understand what it is that may have triggered you. 

Not only that, but sodalite is known for being able to increase your ability to have a more rational line of thinking. That can help you reduce your anxiety, but also help you think through other scenarios that may need your attention. If you’re considering making a major life change, you want to be able to think it through. Hold a piece of sodalite and make a pros and cons list to help make sure that you decide what’s truly best for you.

When you’re feeling overly stressed out, taking a little time out for self-care. That ability to refocus on yourself is important because, without it, you can’t truly take care of anyone else in your life. That’s why we created our Sodalite Face Roller. It combines the best of both worlds… the calming powers of sodalite with the self-care abilities that come with a face roller. You can relax and refocus. It will help calm you down while also calming down your skin. Try using it to put on a face mask. Then light a candle, kick your feet up, and take a minute to breathe.

Sodalite Benefits The Physical Body, Too

Every stone has the ability to potentially help with a variety of different physical ailments, and sodalite is no different. According to many people who have worked with and studied stones, sodalite is most closely aligned with helping to boost and support both the metabolism and the immune system. Also, as it is also potentially associated with the throat chakra, sodalite can help with all sorts of symptoms related to the throat. 

The biggest physical benefits of sodalite are also related to how it helps with anxiety and a sense of calm. When you’re anxious, you’re feeling out of sorts. You don’t sleep well, your stomach gets upset, your heart beats faster. Removing anxiety can also help your physical body feel a lot more calm. After all, the mind and the body are extremely interconnected and should always be treated that way.

And finally, the stone is said to help promote deep, healthy sleep… most due to its ability to help you feel calm enough to fall asleep quickly. In addition, sodalite can help you be able to lucid dream if you’re interested. If you’re unfamiliar, lucid dreaming is being able to dream while still being aware and staying in control. 

In Summary

Sodalite benefits so many physical and metaphysical things that you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover it sooner! At Chiji, we want everyone to be able to access the information that they need to live their best lives. If you need a little extra help with effective communication, or you’re looking to develop your intuition, you can turn to sodalite. It’s as beautiful as it is powerful, just like you are. 


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