What Can A Jade Face Roller Do For Skin?

Have you heard of face rollers? You’ve probably seen them in the stores, next to the face masks and other beauty tools. They have experienced a huge upswing in popularity lately, but they actually have roots that stretch back centuries. CHIJI has been a big believer in the power of face rollers for years, and we want to share with you all of their many benefits. Specifically, what can a jade face roller do for your skin? You may be surprised!

The History of Jade

Jade is one of the crystals with the longest known history. It has been loved for its beautiful, ornamental nature for hundreds of years, with roots that some people believe can be traced all the way back to prehistoric times. However, its most obvious and prominent use has occurred in many Asian cultures, as well as in Mexico and Guatemala. 

Jade is usually always green in color, although the specific hue may change. It can also rarely come in yellow or white. The reason for the difference is that the stone that we now commonly refer to as jade is actually two gems - jadeite and nephrite. 

Because green is normally considered to be associated with growth and fertility (just like grass and trees), as well as the financial (green is the color of money, after all), it quickly gained a reputation green stones quickly gained a reputation of bringing its user general good fortune. Jade can now be found all across the world, not only in its origin countries of Mexico and China but also the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. 

The Power of Jade

Before we get into its specific uses with face rollers, let’s talk just a bit about the emotional and metaphysical benefits that many crystal users believe it may have. Knowing a little more about why this stone is praised for being so amazing and powerful will help you understand why you should use it.

First and foremost, jade is seen as a stone of prosperity. While many people may associate that directly with the financial, the idea of prosperity actually extends much further out. You can experience prosperity in your happiness, your job, your health, and your own life path. Jade can help clear out obstacles that may get in your way on your journey toward whatever type of prosperity you may be seeking. 

Jade is also known as a stone that can bring the user eternal youth. It is because of this reputation that it is so often found as the main stone used in face rollers, which can themselves help to promote anti-aging properties. 

Are Face Rollers Any Good?

It’s important to look at anything that seems like a fad with scrutiny. It helps you to be able to spend your money wisely and invest in products that will actually provide you with the benefits that they claim to. Face rollers solidly fall into that category. Do they live up to the hype?

The good news is that the benefits of face rollers have actually been scientifically tested and proven! In a study performed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2018, using a facial roller not only increases the blood flow to the skin on the face for at least ten minutes after use, it also improves vasodilation long term.

But what does that actually mean?

Many of the skin issues that people complain about are actually the result of, or are at least contributed to by, a lack of blood flow to the face. Things like the brightness and radiance of the face, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles all have a component that could be improved with an increase in blood flow and vasodilation (essentially, when the blood vessels widen) to the face. 

Stay with us here.

As we age, our skin naturally produces less collagen. Although it happens slowly, it’s easy to just wake up one day and notice that we don’t look as young as we used to. There are fine lines and wrinkles that weren’t there before, dark circles that appeared overnight, and skin that just looks duller than it did yesterday. Obviously, that’s not the case, but it definitely can feel like that. 

But guess what your body needs to promote, if not increased production of collagen, but at least slower, natural, age-related loss of it? Blood flow. So, when you use a facial roller, it helps to give collagen what it needs to help you look younger, longer. Keep in mind that those results have yet to be scientifically proven. 

Increased blood flow isn’t the only benefit of face rollers, however. When used correctly, face rollers can help the lymphatic system more quickly and easily drain lymph out of the face. If left to its own devices, lymph fluid tends to pool in certain areas on the face, leading to an increase in the appearance of puffiness (especially in the under-eye area). With more than 300 different lymph nodes located in both the face and the neck, face rollers make helping to manually drain this much easier. 

The Benefits of Jade Face Rollers

In addition to stimulating better facial circulation, including jade as the stone of choice can add even more benefits to an already amazing skincare tool. 

First and foremost, jade is a naturally cool stone. When you put it in the fridge or freezer for a while before using, it tends to hold on to that cold even after it is pulled out for use. Using a cool face roller is similar to the old trick of using a cold spoon to reduce swelling and under-eye puffiness. Not only does the face roller help to promote lymph drainage, naturally reducing swelling, the cold can also help to knock down visible bloating in the face, at least temporarily. 

If you’re choosing to use jade for its more metaphysically qualities, using it as part of your skincare routine may help to extend the prosperity surrounding the stone to the way that you feel about your appearance. And couldn’t we all use just a little more prosperity in our self-confidence? 

Helpful Hints For Use

If we were allowed only one tip to pass along to you to make your face rolling experience the best it can be, it would be to make sure that you’re always cleaning and disinfecting it. Because it doesn’t necessarily show dirt and debris, many people forget to clean it when they are done using it. However, the longer your face roller goes between washes, the more likely it is that you may be spreading bacteria across your face. This can lead to things like skin infections and increased acne, but it can easily be avoided.

Face rollers are also an excellent way to apply your sheet masks and facial serums. Instead of struggling with ill-fitting masks that stick to some areas of your face and not to others, when you apply your sheet mask and follow it up with a quick face roll, you make sure that the mask is applied evenly. The same goes for facial serums, plus you help get them deeper into your pores so that they can be even more effective.

And a final helpful hint for making the most of your jade face roller is to make sure that you do your research on the proper way to massage the face to help drain the lymphatic system. In addition, always make sure to use your face roller with a serum or moisturizer. If you use it “dry,” you may cause some tugging or pulling on the skin, which can exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles. Here are a few other tips:

  • Never roll both up and down. You’ll be rolling in one specific direction multiple times, usually outward. 

  • Don’t forget your collarbone, your neck, and your jaw. With the collarbone, move out from the center of the body and slightly downward. From the neck, move down and out on both sides. And with the jaw, roll outward and up toward your cheek.

  • When using your face roller on your under-eye area, make sure to use the smaller side and only gentle pressure. Start at the inner corner, move down to the under-eye area, and then sweep up to your temples. Remember, be gentle! This is a sensitive area. 

In Conclusion…

Jade face rollers are an excellent tool for any skincare-focused person, from the expert to the novice, to have in their toolbox. By combining the amazing powers of prosperity that many people attribute to jade with the scientifically proven benefits of a face roller, CHIJI has created a way to help improve both your physical appearance and the way you feel about yourself. It also reminds you to make sure to take time out for yourself to focus on self-care, helping you to feel happier and more well balanced. It’s a real win-win.


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