What Crystals Are Best For Good Luck?

Who couldn’t use a little more luck in their life? Whether you are about to start looking for new job opportunities, starting a new relationship, or moving to a new place, a little extra luck is never a bad thing to have. 

While some people rely on lucky rabbits' feet or four leaf clovers, crystals are an even better (and more humane) option to help promote good luck and fend off bad vibes. 

CHIJI has compiled a list for you, full of information about what crystals are best for good luck and how to use them appropriately. Good luck to you on whatever journey you may be embarking on!

What is Luck, Exactly?

Luck is a hard thing to define in exact terms, because it tends to mean something different to everyone. Some people believe that luck is very similar to fate, in that it is something that just happens to you instead of a force that can be controlled. Other people believe that luck is something that can be attracted to you, both good and bad. 

One of the most interesting theories about luck is that it tends to be a lot more about psychology than probability; that the way you approach things that may be considered to need luck (like an important job interview) has much more to do with a successful outcome.

That’s why lucky tokens, like crystals and four leaf clovers, are so important. While it can’t be proven that the items themselves bring you luck, the confidence and positivity that you feel while you have them can definitely impact the end result.

One of the leading experts in “luck,” professor and psychologist Richard Wiseman, has also found that people who are more lucky than others tend to all exhibit four specific qualities -- they tend to create, notice, and act on any unexpected opportunities; listen to their intuition; expect good things to happen to them; and usually try to find the good in any bad situation. 

Basically, “lucky” people also tend to be more optimistic than other people. 

How Crystals May Impact Luck (Among Other Things)

For hundreds and hundreds of years people have used crystals for healing, love, luck, prosperity, to balance chakras, and many, many other uses. 

While there isn’t an exact science behind “proving” how crystals really work, the general consensus is that they, like every other thing present on Earth, emit a vibrational energy. 

Energy reacts with other energy and some people assert that crystals can impact the human body because so much of it is made up of water. Think of what happens when you throw a stone into a puddle. The stone doesn’t just hit the surface and sink to the bottom; there is a splash followed by rippling away from where it landed. That’s how energy works as well, rippling throughout the human body and spirit.

Crystals begin to work and make change by starting with our aura, the energy field that naturally surrounds and protects us. 

There are seven major entry and exit points located on the aura, which are known as chakras. They start at the base of the spine (the root chakra) and move up through the body until reaching the top of the head (the crown chakra). The chakras are special because they allow more direct access to the body and the spirit on a metaphysical level. That also means that they are potentially vulnerable areas, as well, and need to always be kept in balance and protected. 

When you access these points using crystals that are known to promote attracting good luck, the vibrational energy that you can exude may work wonders.

What Crystals Should I Use?

Let’s get down to the real question -- which crystals should you be seeking out to help promote and attract good luck in your life? 


Of all the crystals out there, aventurine (sometimes referred to as green aventurine) is often thought to be the luckiest. 

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” this crystal is most specifically targeted to those who are seeking to increase their luck in financial ventures and opportunities. Many gamblers swear by this stone, as luck that is related to chance is one of its most frequently spoken about benefits. 

Specifically, carrying or holding a piece of aventurine in the left hand when encountering these opportunities is said to promote the most financial good luck and prosperity. However, be careful when using aventurine because it can sometimes make the wearer feel too confident when it comes to taking risks.


Citrine, which comes in shades of yellow from very pale to darker brown, is another crystal commonly used to attract luck, abundance, and success. 

It is a stone of teaching and wisdom, helping you to manifest the good you want to happen in your life. Citrine is also said to help encourage generosity, so that you are literally reminded to share the wealth. 

When you place a piece of citrine in your wallet or near wherever you keep your cash, it can work as a magnet to attract even more wealth. It may even help to improve your mood, strengthen your self esteem, and generally uplift the spirit. 


Labradorite is one of the more unique and beautiful crystals out there, as it looks like an oil slick and comes in an innumerable amount of color combinations. 

Specifically, labradorite is said to increase the likelihood that you will experience serendipity, or happy accidents, in your life. Compared to some of the other crystals, labradorite vibrates at a higher frequency. That makes it great for helping remove roadblocks, dispel negativity, and help get your life (and your luck) flowing again. It also increases clarity in all situations, so it can help reduce the risk that you’ll make a bad financial decision. 

Put it under your pillow when you sleep, or wear it on your body as jewelry. 

Rose Quartz

While rose quartz often gets overlooked for being “just” a love and romance leaning crystal, many forget that much of meeting new partners comes down to luck in the first place! 

It is said to attract love, as well as luck in love, for all relationships in your life (not only the romantic ones). If you’re looking to attract luck to your love life, burn a candle infused with rose quartz or sleep with one near your bed. 

Gifting rose quartz to newly married couples is also an excellent way to bring them love, luck, and prosperity in their marriage. 


Peridot, a beautiful, light green colored crystal, isn’t as commonly used for luck and prosperity as many of the other stones on this list but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful. It is perfect for using while meditating, especially if you focus your meditation on the type of luck that you want to attract. 

Peridot is commonly referred to as a “money” stone, so it is especially beneficial if you want more luck with your finances. Many people also talk about its ability to bring clarity to decisions, much like labradorite does, so it’s a good crystal to meditate with if you need to make any big financial decisions in the near future. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye isn’t just good for helping to dispel negative energy and luck and protect the wearer, it is also great for helping to attract good luck! 

In fact, tiger’s eye is sometimes referred to as the “golden” stone because it can provide the user with a huge amount of different benefits -- promoting integrity, helping increase willpower and self confidence, and reminding people of their practicality when they are prone to jumping in headfirst without looking. It is also a great stone for people to use when they are seeking luck on their travels. 

Just keep a piece in your pocket as you go about your day to day or head uut on vacation, or wear them as jewelry to bring that luck with you anywhere you go.


Finally, malachite. Malachite is a powerful stone, one that shouldn’t be used lightly. It not only attracts good luck, it also amplifies the energy and feelings of the person wearing it. 

If you’re stuck in a negative place while trying to manifest better luck, you might want to choose another stone. Malachite is also often used by those seeking fame and fortune, but make sure that you’re also taking the steps needed to create your own luck by putting the work in, as well.

In Conclusion…

Crystals can help increase the likelihood that you will attract and experience good luck in your life. 

While there is not solid, scientific proof that this is the case, even the fact that it can help you believe in yourself and interact with the world with more confidence and positivity can help create opportunities that you may not have had otherwise. 

CHIJI has both crystal sets and crystal energy candles that can help you relax and enjoy any and all good fortune that comes into your life.  



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