Consistency Is Key To The Best Benefits Of The Tool

One of the reasons we founded CHIJI was to help provide you with products that can remind you of how important it is to prioritize your own self care. No matter what your self care routine looks like, making sure that you set aside time for yourself, both mentally and physically, is absolutely essential. 

Jade face rollers are one of our favorite self care tools because their results are not only visible, but also helpful to both create and maintain positive self esteem. 

Jade Facial Roller Basics

First and foremost, let’s talk about facial rollers

The basic anatomy of a facial roller includes a large stone on one end, a small stone on the other, with a handle connecting them in between. Each of the stones is connected to the handle by a piece of metal that allows them to rotate, which is how they can be “rolled” over the face. They look a little like tiny rolling pins, and work much the same way as well.

There are many different stones that facial rollers can be made out of -- not only jade, but also opal, amethyst, tiger’s eye, sodalite, clear or rose quartz, as well as other, less natural products like plastics, which we definitely recommend just staying away from. 

The use of jade rollers in particular can be tracked back as far as the Qing Dynasty in 18th century China. Jade is important to Chinese culture, as they believe that it can help to draw out their version of bad vibes (known as negative “qi,” which is pronounced “chi”). Qi is the body’s life force, and is important to traditional Chinese medicine practices. 

The general concept behind facial rollers is helping to encourage the growth of new collagen, which can help the skin look firmer, more youthful, and radiant. As we age, our natural collagen stores start to wane, leading to volume loss especially in the cheeks and under eye area. 

What Are the Potential Benefits of Using A Jade Facial Roller?

Over the centuries, and especially in the recent years as their popularity has continued to increase more and more, many people have claimed plenty of different benefits that jade facial rollers may have. Claims include reducing puffiness (especially in the under-eye area), increasing the circulation of the blood in the face, easing discomfort, and helping to smooth wrinkles. 

Many people who use facial rollers swear by them as an anti-aging tool, mostly for the reasons mentioned above. Once excess fluid has been able to leave the face, and collagen begins to build back up, the face may be able to look years younger. 

Some people also claim that jade facial rollers can also help promote the removal of toxins from the body as well as helping the complexion to be more bright and less dull. In addition, using a facial roller can just be relaxing in general, causing at least a temporary reduction in feelings of stress.

The Results of Using A Jade Facial Roller

So what is the real truth about jade facial rollers, and what has actually been proven? Luckily, there has been scientific research performed so that we can back up at least some of those claims with evidence. 

For instance, using a facial roller regularly can help to promote vasodilation, which is when the blood vessels widen to help increase circulation. 

In the short term, even just five minutes of using a facial roller can increase circulation to the area up to 25%. That is an incredibly significant increase! What that means for your skin is that you’ll look more rosy cheeked after you finish with your rolling routine. 

Jade rollers also promote lymphatic drainage, which is the process of helping move around the body’s lymph fluid (part of our immune system, one that helps carry white blood cells and other molecules that promote an immune response to areas of the body that needs it). Swelling is generally caused by a buildup of this lymph fluid in certain areas, part of why our faces tend to look puffy first thing in the morning. 

When you use a facial roller to promote lymph drainage, you’re encouraging that lymph fluid to return back to the lymph nodes where it belongs. 

After using a facial roller, you’ll likely notice a reduction in visible swelling and puffiness of your entire face, especially your under-eye area. 

How To Use A Jade Facial Roller

If you’ve never used a facial roller before, here is a brief tutorial on the best practices for using them successfully and for the most benefit.

First of all, you’ll want to start with freshly washed and moisturized skin. It’s also best if you use your facial roller with a serum or essential oil (diluted with a neutral, non-skin clogging carrier oil like olive or almond), which stops the stones from pulling at the skin as they roll over them. 

As you roll, you’ll always want to move in an upward and outward motion if you’re trying to rejuvenate and brighten your skin, and in a downward motion to help detoxify and promote lymphatic drainage.

A good place to start is with your jawbone. Start in the middle of your chin and, using light to moderate pressure with the larger stone, roll down your chin and jaw toward your collarbone. Move out toward your ear, then start in the middle again and do the same on the other side. Once you’re done, place the roller back in the center of your chin and roll out and up toward each cheek.

Next, move on to your nose, lips, and cheeks. Starting on one side of your nose, and using either the large or small stone, roll outward toward your ear. Replace the roller near your upper lip on that same side, and repeat. Repeat three more times, once from your lower lip, once from your chin, and once on your jawline. Do the same on the other side of your face. 

After that, it’s on to the forehead. Start in between your eyebrows and, using the larger stone, roll upward toward your hairline. Use moderate pressure and do one side of your forehead at a time, repeating several times.

Finally, it’s time for your under-eyes. You’ll always want to use gentle pressure when rolling your under eye area. Start at the inner corner of each eye, and roll out toward your ear. Repeat on the other side, and you’re done! You’ll be able to notice the benefits immediately.  

Tips and Tricks for Using Facial Rollers

In addition to knowing exactly how to use your facial roller, whether it is jade, rose quartz, or tiger’s eye, we’ve come up with a list of a few different tips and tricks that can make your self care experience even better for you.

One of our favorite tips is to put your facial roller in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour or so before you’re ready to use it. While using your roller at room temperature is usually recommended, as it is better at increasing circulation, if you struggle with inflammation or swelling, a cool facial roller may be just the thing to cool and calm your skin. 

Facial rollers also make great tools to help more uniformly apply sheet masks. When you use the larger side of your roller on a freshly applied sheet mask, it helps it adhere to the skin more closely as well as guaranteeing that it touches every part of your face. 

Even without a face mask, when you simply use the roller to help you put on your everyday skin care products, the roller can help them be able to get even deeper into the skin for even more benefit. The fact that they can be used every day without fear of injury or overuse makes them an excellent addition to any skin care routine.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that you are cleaning your facial roller on a regular basis. Bacteria is a leading cause of acne, as are clogged pores. If you’re not cleaning your roller (warm, soapy water will suffice), you risk continuing to spread that bacteria around your face, increasing the likelihood of a breakout. 

In Summary…

We believe in the many benefits of facial rollers, so much so that we sell a wide variety of them that have been designed with different stones for different benefits. 

Jade facial rollers, in particular, have been the focus of research to prove their benefits on a scientific level. However, even though some of their pros haven’t been specifically proven by research, they are an excellent reminder that you need to remember to set aside time for yourself. 

Self care isn’t something that should fall last on your list. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Plus, you’re worth it, and CHIJI can help you find your own self care routine with a little beauty time, crystal therapy, and coziness


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